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You guys wanted it! Here it is! My wife caddies for me.
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4 time National Champion in Ultimate Frisbee turned into the biggest golf enthusiast. Watch as I travel the world finding the best courses to play with the best guests. From PGA Tour pros like Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Austin Cook, and many more. I look to bring you the best golf content on YouTube!

~ Brodie ~
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Brodie Smith Golf says:

Getting back to posting every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5PM CST!

brucenoneyabusness says:

Your wife Kelsy is absolutely beautiful and has a really great attitude. You're a cute couple!

Dave says:

No caddie just guesses. Give her your yardage book. And do this for real.

The Southern Explorer says:

Come on guys!! 1,300 more likes and we get Kelsey’s first vlog!!!

Dustin lsx2000z28 Brewster says:

Love seeing couples golfing together!! February will be my wife and I first time golfing together. We'll be in Punta kana! Thanks Brodie for all your efforts to provide us with awesome content

Micheal Weathers says:

That first missed putt was totally on the golfer. He didn't start it on the line his caddie gave him………

Benjamin Schrider says:

"Can I celeb shot it?" I laughed so hard at that! The zoom and the face she made! You guys are awesome!

Micheal Weathers says:

Brodie, how do you like that Graphite Design shaft in your driver? IZ6 or IZ7?

Kilikina says:

keep it up bro no better friend then your bestfriend love it ….

Matt says:

……. I’m learning.🤣🤣🤣🍿🍿

Jeffrey Sims says:

Brodie hit every part of that hole.

poktangju says:

good job kelsey!!

The YouTube Critic says:

Crooked hat gang checking in.

Jake Oppenheim says:

love shot tracer

Charles Dyga says:

You need to be playing the Leonard tees

docd4773 says:

6000 Likes Brodie caddies 18 for Kelsey

Keenan Morrow says:

Kelsey is God’s gift to earth.

Duke K says:

7 iron from 108, that's being creative. One day you might have to use that shot. You should do a video, 3 clubs all irons. That will bring out your creative side and teach you touch.

Alex Benedict says:

Definitely think shot tracer on the approaches is an improvement to the already great videos. Also your home course looks awesome. Really looking forward to seeing the other 15 holes, and love the fly over to set up each hole at the beginning.

Ken Lightfoot says:

Is the grass dormant, it appears to be very brown??

Review TO says:

I'm in love with her… Does she have her own channel?

Review TO says:

Bring Kelsey in front of the camera way more…she's hot

Dexter Trestrail says:

Brods having some trouble on that last hole getting up. ? Great video keep it up. Shot tracer yes plzzz

Nick Farnham says:

Were you actually pin high from 197 with a 7 iron?

Trey Miller says:

I want you too,tooo…FLOP IT!🤣

Nick Farnham says:

Nice cameo beardie 👌

User name says:

We’re still waiting for another video with lance and zero

Todd Parker says:

What do you use for SHOTTRACER?

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