Ultimate 2018 PGA Championship highlights

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Watch all the best shots and highlights from a thrilling 2018 PGA Championship, where Brooks Koepka held off Tiger Woods and the rest of the field to capture his 3rd major title in two years.


Ryan Yan says:

The commentator with mustache talks as if he can make these puts please stop making claim these holes are easy only Brook made them looked easy today.
You should respect the course and the pros out there.
let the pros show us how challenging these marathon courses truly entail.

Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter says:


Reese Moore says:

The rest of the PGA tour better be scared. Tiger can almost beat Brooks, who hits it 340 (30 yards past him), whilst he was struggling severely with his swing throughout the day.

Steve King says:

They didn't show woods choking with his tee shot on #17 which took him out of the tourney – FORE RIGHT!

househansa says:

I thought that broom stick putter Scott uses was banned?

Barr3LtoURdome says:

after playing my first round of golf this year only getting par in 18 holes these shots amaze me mouth wide open entire time

Story Gordon says:

One report said it was highest rated final round since 2009. Win or not, it's great to have Tiger back and to see the ups and downs of excellent players. Consistency is the great challenge in golf. Even the "perfect" shot can go astray. NOTE: The top five players have missed the cut a total of four times in their last four events. That's four cuts in 20 events or 20%. Golf can be a humbling game.

sshnrub says:


theseeker123 says:

Soon as they, (the golf gods), give tiger the green light, he will win many more tournaments. He's been paying his dues and his account is paid in full.

Kreskin Jude O Valera says:

Koapka & Woods both won the tournament….. A class golf game👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Ves†a_J says:

koepka showed real class in that interview labeling tiger as the greatest. deserved win, great to see tiger regaining some of his old magic.

Ryman2210 says:

An absolute masterpiece of a tournament

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