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TOUR PRO SCOTT JAMIESON GOLF SWING, Mark Crossfield takes a look at European Tour Player Scott Jamieson’s golf swing and talks about what we can learn from his golf swing. Improve your iron play and your tee shots with some simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills for golfers wanting to play their best.

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Andy Harris Golf says:

Played against Scott as a junior. Always knew he would make it big!

luke Jasprizza-St.leon says:

did coach get a missus or something? havnt seen him in ages

Gary Tailby says:

Just got my head round the bid Hadron Collider and now this

Adam Lund says:

I’ve worked with Andrew before good coach but went from 6 to 8 handicap within the time I had with him. I found myself striking the ball better but not learning a great deal. Just shows you have to fine a coach who can help you understand and learn the moves/changes there asking of you.
Just from your videos mark, feel as I’m learning so much. Keep up the good work brah!

Richard Marsh says:

Mark loved the vid, keep these in the mix with the course vlogs boss

John Rollins says:

What's with the girl from Ipanema song???

ian campbell says:

Absolutely magic – the move with Titleist is great – getting close to the players as you said/predicted !! Still keeping it real and being yourself which is great. Maybe try that bigger ball in the background for chipping!! New chromesoft truvis?

Douglas McCann says:

swings his 6 iron at most people's driver speed.. oh my this sod has it ..

colin boxall says:

Great blog. Pro swings and swing feels. Good idea. Chipping looking good 😂 enjoy 🇫🇷

Thomas Epperheimer says:

Good Morning Mark, this is a great analysis video. You have pointed out multiple things in an unbias way. I have seen other videos where the coach is degrading even pros and for what? To get that coach noticed? I really like the content keep them coming.

Scratch Golf says:

Very good video. Be interesting to hear if Scott's natural swing has changed or if he has to think about the changes they've made to deliver them.

Jonathan Melvin says:

Chippy Chippy. Chip iiit!

Micki186 says:

Data are actually normalized (written bottom right)

Mark Pogson says:

Congrats Mark. You just popped the 240k subscribers cherry. 🙂
PS: Give my regards to the girl from Ipanema

Rick Lord says:

I have that song stuck in my head.

John Robertson says:

MC a couple of inches of wrist flex at the end of the back swing of the chips will give you a bit more time to “clip” the ball. Great video bru!

Rodney Mounsey says:

Interesting as always, good change of focus

Tiger Linez says:

I have the same 6 iron clubhead speed but sadly not the delivery… Working on it however.

Cam Thurlow says:

yes please. more like this. love it!

peter aloisio says:

Great analysis. Bring on more.

Ternoy Alexis says:

this is really cool to have such information exchanges between you guys! great content for us.

Steve Forman says:

Great video and message Mark.
Indian not (so much) the arrow etc. Look at self more than equipment for gains, although fitted gear helps.
Great coach too working with Chris Paisley, elite ams and local juniors too. Very engaging on twitter also.
More of this stuff please. 👍🏌️⛳️

Sophie Walker says:

6 iron swing speed the same as my driver haha

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