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Steve Buzza talks about course management off the tee using a conversion Rickie Fowler had with his caddy at the Irish Open.

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Justin M says:

Funny you just posted this Buzza! I joined a men's club to start an offical handicap and it's at a par 70 course that plays only 6200 yards with 8 dog legs so I went and played there last week to feel it out and only hit driver 5 times, other times was 3 wood, hybrid and even one hole I hit a 5 iron.

Adam Flynn says:

the things that help me with course management?
playing as many different courses as u can..u can get very sloppy playing ur home course all the time as u know automatically what clubs to hit on each hole
secondly working backwards from the green..look at the green and work back from it to the tee..I play a course regularly were I always used to leave myself 3/4 or 1/2 shots into the green as I hit driver off pretty much every tee as the fairways were generously wide..I never played the course very well as those half shots are often more difficult than a full wedge or full 9-8 iron. I started working backwards wanting to leave myself full shots into the greens and that made me think about laying up short of bunkers or playing wide of them instead of just going over them with driver. now when I play a new course I apply that thinking and find I shoot lower scores as hitting a 9 iron is often easier than hitting a 3/4 gap wedge

Adrian says:

i notice this poor planning with my dad- he is a 19 h'cap and on his second shots he will try to get onto the green or close with wood or long iron- but unfortunately he's not consistent with it and ends up with a double bogey or worse- instead of laying up to a nice yardage and setting up an easy bogey and possible par

MissyLaMotte says:

I am more concerned about reaching the fairway … overrunning it is seldom something I have to look out for and fairway bunkers etc. are normally out of my reach as well, so for me it is driver off the tee on most holes. There is one par 4 on our course where I go down to a 4 hybrid most of the time to take a water hazard out of play, though.

brookead says:

I plot.  I only hit driver on 7 or 8 tees at my home club (It's a Par 71 with 3 par 3's and 2 par 5's.)  Other than that it's 5 irons and 5 woods for position because they can reach the wide part of the fairway but not the narrow part.  Or because they leave me a better yardage into a green where I can hit a full shot and make the ball stop.  I've come down from 12 to 6 in the last few years and I reckon at least half of that is nothing to do with improvements to how I swing the club. 🙂

Justin Scheve says:

I have started doing this more in my game the last year. It has made dramatic improvements in my score and my confidence when I stand over a shot on the course. Great video showing the importance of choosing the right club for each shot you hit!
Have you got your new putter yet, and will we see another video about it when you do?

streamleazefishhouse says:

I thought twatting the ball as far as you can was the fun part of golf….

Vici Martynov says:

Yes I am that kind of player, I was doing  dreadfully  last summer and I took a month out and rethought everything, note this wasnt practice, this was rethinking everything. Going round the course with an eye to how  the holes could be played better. Well  back on roll-up my score dropped 40 shots, I wasnt more skillful just playing the  course more intelligently. The driver was dropped to just 3 wide open and very long holes so it didn't matter if i mishit  the shot, and i started driving with 3 wood, hybrid and irons. I pander to my best shots. Driving with my 1 iron is reliable and straight to 180 yards and my 4 and 5 irons are accurate so an initial drive that brings those irons into play will give me better success at hitting the green than a long  drive and a short iron. I also  now make heavy use of how high I hit irons and don't just use the fairway, often a shorter tee shot  followed by a lob over trees will get me to the green quicker than going  round a dog leg. I use a rangefinder a lot now. Now I have no excuses, I will have to play better as easy  shot reduction is already in the bag 😉

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