Tiger Woods on Ellen – “Golfing Tips”

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Ellen & Tiger “play” a game about golf – audience wins!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Project Zomboid - Golfing with zombies ft. Maya - Season 3, Ep 3.

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rockman0809 says:

Wow, she now has a back up profession if the tv host gig goes under. WOW

qbb01 says:

I agree because I don’t like her, but you don’t choose your sexuality.

pjbbae says:

Bull. shit. She’s just acting it to make money. it’s a front. she’s the biggest sellout and fake ever.

FunkyMonkey576 says:

i miss this tiger….

alexanderstokes says:

greatest golfer no doubt. but i wouldnt say greatest athlete. he cant dunk from the free throw line or throw a 60 yard bomb on target or run a 4.2 40. but he’s definetly the greatest golfer to ever live.

sethutsman says:

Jack WAS great but Hogan was better

sethutsman says:

I think Hogan COULD be better…

ZzJustinZ says:

Not ever, he is the best currently…..if jack was 30 yrs old and in our century he would be the best casue he played with reall wood clubs and its much harder.

rightyourwrong says:

umm bc she married another woman?

MrSportsPicks says:

wowowowowowow tiger is to golf as the sun is to an ant

sabreharyanto says:

Tiger is on a different level in golf than beckham in soccer. Tiger is ranked no.1 in golf.

mfwe22 says:

your son is ….. lol.

birdman4birdlegs says:

haha I wonder how many people while cheering about getting the game were thinking ” wow I have no idea why I would want it or what I am going to do with it”!

golfrules08 says:

have a look at my swing please

NicholasCrensen says:

Greatest golfer EVER!!! And arguably the greatest athlete ever too!

GrandGuy555 says:

she should totally hook up and have a 3some with rosy

cbjr662277 says:

i love you very so much

qbb01 says:

lol you do know she is a lesbian?

KendallFan182009 says:

Luck or no luck thats pretty crazy i mean yes tiger should make shots like that and what not but its nice to see videos of stuff like this

cntrvalleysfinest says:

yea…he’s pretty good. she always gets lucky like that. when she had david beckham on, they were doin the same thing but with soccer balls and she made it before he did. lol

intotherei says:

LOL so awesome

Buyakaasha says:

yo yal are nuts, that game was the shit…

bsp5037 says:

i think they gave the pc version of the game

marcoochie10 says:

hahah give the system too!!

borufan says:

Holy shit


is it free?

Hrolfgard says:

Isn’t it?

Hrolfgard says:

Just like a real Apocalypse scenario! heh…er…

SuperAnimeChicken says:

@smelmer99 Yep

smelmer99 says:

i can see its alot of fun but id go ape shit and die on the first day

smelmer99 says:

so this game is technically simulating a real life zombie apocalypse with all the possibilities and factors added in?

DigDugzTheSavior says:

I’m either retarded or at 3:15 that said Diet Popa

mikufan2000 says:

Me sees its 5:20 in the morning in the game:Meh. Me seeing that its 5:20 in the morning and its light outside: wut?

yodamine34 says:

i think that its because he was panicked. When i was playing the demo and had a bat equiped and a zombie popped around the corner my guy got panicked, and automatically swung and killed him, maybe thats what happened

honeydudetwo says:

there sould be the music from dablo 3 it is awsome

TotallyTerra says:


applepielord101 says:

turn the music down!

NegativeNanase says:

But next thing you know, EVERYONE GOES TROLOLOLOL PATRICK JAMES ON YOU at the last minute, lmfao

NegativeNanase says:

But looks can be  deceiving. That Patrick James guy didn’t do anything to you at first, then…….yeah he’s definitely hostile.

LELIUX1988 says:

Multiplayer is planned, but it will take at least a year or so. The devs said that they aren’t concentrating and multiplayer until the singleplayer component is stable enough. But you’re right, it would be really fun, especially if at the start the players would be placed in different places (but not too far) and have to find each other.

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