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You are currently watching a video about this trick instantly changed this 22 handicappers golf swing, this video is for all golfers.

If your interested lessons then please visit the website Online lessons are also now available and more information will be on my website soon but for now please contact me via my social media pages.

Also golf school dates have been allocated to the website which can be found on the website too.

I’m setting up a social forum where golfers can help each other and i’ll be there to help too if your interested in this then follow me on the links below and i’ll post more details.

This channel focusses on the golf swing and discussing in detail about the areas of the golf swing that most amateurs get wrong. Each how to video explains everything a golfer needs to know so they can improve their golf game and start lowering their scores, so wheter your trying to break 100, break 90, break 80 or break 70 then this channel will help you acheieve everything you want.

I don’t rely on many if any training aids with my coaching as I beleive that the change will happen once you understand what it is your really trying to do with your golf swing and once your understanding improves then you will start to make the correct swing change, I will occasionally offer drills to do as this can often improve your feel verus perception battle and help aid your cause.

The only training aids I suggest are useful is the Gforce golf training aids link can be found below:

The left wrist aid

I like the Speed swing trainer too if your interested follow the link below and use code


I love giving golf tips however I really enjoy helping golfers with their game and love the positive feedback about golfers who I have helped with their ball striking or driving or whatever so if you like golf tips then you should subscribe.

I’ll always try to put my swing on slow motion on the camera howver this is sometimes difficult due to the set up of my driving range and I’m often looking for privacy but I agree that seeing a Professional swing in slow motion can help golfers develop.

I do use the term perfect golf swing, not because there is a perfect golf swing or perfect backswing etc however I like to discuss options in all my videos and sgtrongly beleive there are 5 or 6 things we have to do in the golf swing but there are options for golfers to choose what they want to do which is why I feel im qualified to discuss the perfect golf swing as much as anybody else.

The areas I disucss in the golf swing are hip rotation, swing plane, upper body movements, how to gain speed in your golf swing, how to use the driver, all golf swing basics, golf swing for seniors, golf swing for irons, the elbow positions and whats the best way to swing a golf club and much more.

I also do alot of club reviews with Midlands Golf and specially Ronnie and coach at Four Ashes and a friend who helps me as I’m not the most technical person when it comes to club equipment, but we talk about what are the best golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls and even golf trollys. Everyone wants to know whats the best golf club and especailly the best driver which is why we test all of the clubs and give our opinion on what the best golf clubs are.

We talk about the popular tournaments upcoming especailly the masters as this is a favourite for every golfer.

We do all of this from our happy home Four Ashes Golf Centre.

So if your keen on learning the best way to swing a golf club, the best latest golf wedge, or interested in online golf lessons, what have Taylormade golf launched now?, or is the latest Callaway driver acyually longer than the prevoius model?

Then press that subscribe buttion, ring those bells and join me on my journey into golf and who knowas where we’ll end up.


DASH1ful says:

no. there is a simple swing drill that puts the backswing on a perfect arc. i can't believe that no one has ever thought of it. i suppose it is too simple. many swing drills are complexed and more physically demanding than the actual swing, such as the stepping drill; which is a great drill if you can do it. but, what about a swing drill that is easier than a players regular swing. one that will make their regular so much easier. this particular gentleman does seem to be making the game difficult for himself, either that or it has been made more difficult for him. it would not surprise me if he hadn't been taught to swing up on an imaginary plane; which is the worst lessen in golf. but, the drill will put him on a perfect arc. it will take 3 months at a rate of 20 minutes a day. you will work it out.

maxwired 223 says:

Love your channel, but he's an easy fix.  If you watch his slow-mo swings he's dragging the handle at the ball and getting suck and having to catch the head up.  Thought should be, hands come in, to where they should be at address with a  relaxed arm hang, and the clubhead moves out to the ball. Use gravity, momentum, and inertia all tied together with rotation.. Even with your drill he's moving his shoulder out, dragging the club and flipping to catch it up. Here's a good reference:

matt smith says:

worked for Ray Floyd.

Andrew Drummond says:

I am making a similar sort of change after a 20 year break from golf – got myself a mat and net in the garden and a setup with SwingProfile running on my ipad and and echoing the ipad screen to a small monitor just in front of the club address position – which gives me immediate feedback on the swing and is vastly better than having to step over to the ipad to review the swing. I am also weighting up a practise club with lead so I can feel the head more and to stop manipulating the club so much with my hands during takeway, at least until I have more muscle memory.
From studying the swings of Trevino, Hogan, etc, and experimenting myself it looks to me that the correct movement is to build up tension in the (kicked in) right leg during the backswing and then, perhaps before the backswing has completed, start moving the right knee in towards the ball as a response to that tension, which shallows the club and makes the initial dip that all good players do, followed by a slight rise and the rotary hip turn to completion. Before I gave up I managed my swing fault (bad right elbow position) through an aggressive hip turn with the thought of driving the tip of the right hip from the final backswing position towards the target, but this right knee movement seems much more correct and and natural, and I note that Hogan and other say that they 'kick off' with the right foot, which is somewhat similar and has the same results. I also note Jim Cleary said that Hogan said his weight was between his heel and toe and not on his toes, as it seems most players do now, which makes a difference.

Totalavulsion says:

I think it’d help if this guy performed his swing with more shoulder rotation. Looks mostly in the arms to me

William Crim says:

After three hours of talking swing the club my Lord he’s long-winded

Micky D says:

How much flatter ? Are we playing baseball let’s see this guy in two months .

Mike Grotle says:

His hands seem to be going out and club going way to far inside on the take away ?

J's play says:

He keeps reverting back to his old swing until you "drop the ceiling" on him. Even his swing rehearsal before he hits the ball enforces his bad habit until you force him to break it.

Good stuff.
I recently started watching your videos and I like the information. Doesn't help me because I'm not struggling with this issues but this reminds me of why I'm always working on my fundamentals.

Good stuff. Keep it up 👍

ThinkoutsidetheTbox says:

Einstein said " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results "
I never knew he was a golfer lol.

Zero2Hero Golf says:

Wow, excellent drill at the end of the video. Nice going Russell. I spent the last day and an half working on a drill Russell did a while back for Early Hip Extension. Made some nice progress. For those that are interested, you can check out my progress here –

e james says:

I don't like to see the left arm swung across the body in the takeaway. It offends me as a person who has put a lot of time and a lot of sweat into learning a proper "one-piece" takeaway. I know people will tell me to stop being an arse but that's life, innit? At least….that's how it once was years ago.

e james says:

the more I practice at this game ,the more I realise how simple it really is. One merely goes around an 18 hole championship course, aligning their bodies to a target…..coiling the body…..and simply replicating the feeling of tossing a ball underhanded to the target. It is no more difficult than a child's game in the street.

Eddie Du says:

The moment I hear “shaft too vertical” at 0:10, I posted thumb up

Nick says:

yeah good luck with that

Gregg Jackson says:

He should be much more vertical on take away. Not so flat. Flat in downswing not the takeaway…

Malcolm Delamere says:

I would love to come and have a lesson, as I'm struggling with the same affliction ..the over the top strike. Great vid/ instruction as usual . 👍

Patrick Duffy says:

I enjoy watching the lesson and seeing the swing difference at the conclusion. One question … which horror film has the falling ceiling ?

Hitting It Solid Golf says:

Great video Russell, I see this move done every weekend on the golf course. I like this simple approach with the long stick to get the golfer to flatten out his downswing. Over exaggerating is a big key to helping golfers make difficult swing changes and hopefully this 22-handicapper is on his way to improvement. Cheers, Troy

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