This is Disc Golf – SpinTV 2015

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The state of Disc Golf by SpinTV. Promotional video for the 2015 season. If you liked it, make sure to share it with friends!

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Featured footage by The SpinTV, Yleisradio Finland, BBC.

Produced by Esa Arokki & Mikael Hästbacka

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs.

© The SpinTV 2015

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Joseph Booth says:

Is there a 2017 version of this?

TheBobiniPower says:

please what is the name of that music?

thedraphter says:

great video, though I disagree that it is the millennials own sport…. It's been around for a long long time… and there are a ton of non millennials playing it.

Vojtech Rozsival says:

the music gets rather annoying after a while… great vid though

Rob Paek says:

My only issue – Millennials Own Sport? Huh?

eb0dude productions says:

Hi, where do i send the pic for the contest,

Manchester DiscGolf says:

Great work guys – we'll be sharing this to promote the sport here. North West England is playing catchup!

MasterHatred says:

Awesome video! Got me all hyped for next time out in the course.

ClassicROC85 says:


Silvia Rodriguez says:

Awesome video, worth watching, and yes it made me wanna get out of the house and disc golf! Posted on my FB timeline too.

James Bauer says:

Wow man, Great video… really made me feel great about my love for this sport.

D.J. Ellis says:

LOVE this!!! Great coverage and put together so well.

Kahuna Cazares says:

This video is soo sweet!!!

nds101122 says:

Awesome video guys!!

Vincent Roy says:

The first "This is Disc golf" vidéo is better…
Looks like a bad copy with the same title to forget the first is far better …

luftisbollen says:

Very good promotion for the sport 🙂
Good work – thx….

Anthony j says:

That was awesome haha

KWKBOX says:

Wish my old course did not get infested so I could disc golf.

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