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THE PROFESSIONAL GOLF SWING IN SLOW MOTION! Are you too bothered about what your golf swing looks like? Or are you bothered about the function of the golf swing. We need to change your mind set!

Alex Elliott Golf talks through about the professional golf swing in slow motion. This video is for all golfers!

This is a fantastic tip and will certainly help you on the golf course. We all want to reduce our scores, hit more fairways, improve our overall golf swing. Stop being so bothered about how what your golf swing looks like, it’s about how you hit it!!

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Golf Monthly…
Hi I’m Alex Elliott, welcome to my YouTube channel AlexElliottGolf. My channel is all about you accessing your best golf ever and learning how to access that more often and become a great consistent striker of the golf ball, whilst having fun along the way.

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All my instruction videos comes from my experience teaching golfers every single day on the lesson tee and my 3 years as a caddy on the European tour where i was exposed to the highest level of coaching to build a wealth of knowledge to now pass onto you!

I want you to play better golf and strike the golf ball like you now you can PURE. I cover a range of topics that include, How to hit he golf ball longer and straighter from the tee, Instruction videos on how to cure your slice with your driver, How to improve the strike of your irons and create that ball then turf divot, the keys to the stance with all clubs, How to start the swing correctly through simple takeaway tips, the sequence of the downswing and how to rotate through the golf ball, don’t forgot short-game tips such as: How to create spin when chipping, Master the bunkers from wet sand and how to hole more putts out on the golf course.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

What is your favourite professional golf swing?

Mike Perski says:

One of your fellow YouTubers asked an interesting question…
He recently published a video, "How to break 80 hitting it 180 yards".
It made me think, "Is golf ONLY about score?"

Personally, I would not find it very satisfying scoring in the 70's hitting short shots tee to green. I get a great deal of satisfaction from a well struck golf shot, that was hit pure, center of the clubface, with a wonderful trajectory & ball flight, that when it comes down surprises me just how far it went. I don't think I would enjoy never hitting my driver, but scoring better.

What are your thoughts? What makes golf enjoyable for you?
Is it when you've shot a low number?
Or is it when you're striking the ball great?

Mike Perski says:

Favorite professional golf swing?
… without a doubt, Fred Couples (so powerful & effortless)
(… and no one can replicate it)

A close second would be Ernie Els
… is there a smoother, more effortless swing
(although some may say, as big as he is, he should hit it farther)

There are so many others…
Morikawa, Annika Sorenstam, Louis Oosthuizen, Rory (so balanced), Schwartzel, Tom Watson and of course Tiger Woods

Mike Perski says:

I am ok with my golf swing, Alex. It's mine and I own it.
Can I play decent golf with this swing? Yes
Is it a model (tour pro-like swing)? Hardly
There is definitely room for improvement.

I could use a little more distance off the tee,
AND improve the accuracy of my approach shots.
When I watch my swing on video, there are a few things I'd like to change.
I have a little move (over the top) at the top of the backswing, and
I'd like a better, more balanced finish. I tend to finish low and fall off a bit.
I truly believe if I had a more "model" swing, my results would be better.

Great question. Keep up the good work.

Owen Waggoner says:

You talk to much. Get into your lesson less talk.

phillip Wootton says:

Function definitely

Will Payne says:

Dechambeau function over looks

Lawrence Bogar says:

I wish that I had Payne Stewart's swing and tempo.

jacob belmontes says:

Seemed more like a lecture than it did a video tutorial.

Rob Emery says:

Looks like a very nice and control swing, wish mine was like that

Raymond Thompson says:

Mr Furyk shot a PGA tour round of 58 I’ll take that swing any day!

Tommy Warren says:

Yes I don't like my swing but I have a crippled right hand and two artificial hips so I do the best I can

Kobus Du Plooy says:

Hi Alex if I can hit it in the fairway and my tempo is right I don't care about ROBORT golf and(Ernie Els his slow swing.)

Brian Rizza says:

I wish I swang the club like couples. Hit it miles but look like I'm not even trying. But that's not me. I don't care what my swing looks like I just care where the ball goes. I'm your opposite I'm horrible at hitting fades. My normal shot is a 10 yard draw

Pedro Oliveros says:

I like Matthew Wolfe's swing. It feels natural to me. If i think of the swing like throwing a ball, it looks a Wolffe's swing

john laroche says:

Looks good to me, Alex. Everyone thinks there swing is ugly. Doesn’t matter. What’s the result. That’s what counts.

Kham Kenchanh says:

Henrik Stenson cos love hearing the sound of the ball coming off his club face, especially, his 3 wood 😃👍. As for my own swing, i always thought or felt pretty good because where or when ever i played, someone in our group would call me mr. Smooth 😂😃. But all that changed after recording and seeing my swing because it was not even close to what a good swing looks like 😂😃😂. Since then, i only focus on making good ball contact consistently to end up with a par on a hole or at least giving myself a chance to make par without thinking about whether my swing looks good or not. So far it has been working for me and i do believe having the confidence really helped me a lot. I am glad to hear a comment from a teaching pro like you to say focus on our own swing if it is working for us, right?😃. Thanks Alex for showing us your pro swing here 👌👍👍👏👏👏

Nick Gonzalez says:

Function. I could careless what it looks like.

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