THE MOVE that CHANGED the golf swing FOREVER

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This move CHANGED my golf swing forever! This video is all about how this changes my golf swing forever, and gives you a fantastic insight into something a little different that will help you change your golf swing!

This video is aimed at all golfing abilities and ages! I have used these techniques to help a lot of my clients who said the results were fantastic!

These simple changes can really help your golf swing! Tune in and start making improvements to help your golf game now.

I highly recommend you speaking to Nat at Pro Fit Golf. She has a real understanding for her clients, and is open to chatting about your needs !

– 2020 is starting thick and fast and during the 2020 golf season you can expect to see me across all golf channels and working providing golf tuition for GOLF MONTHLY.

@Golf Monthly…
Hi Iโ€™m Alex Elliott, welcome to my YouTube channel AlexElliottGolf. My channel is all about you accessing your best golf ever and learning how to access that more often and become a great consistent striker of the golf ball, whilst having fun along the way.

I specialise in golf lessons, challenges and course vlogs!

All my instruction videos comes from my experience teaching golfers every single day on the lesson tee and my 3 years as a caddy on the European tour where i was exposed to the highest level of coaching to build a wealth of knowledge to now pass onto you!

I want you to play better golf and strike the golf ball like you now you can PURE. I cover a range of topics that include, How to hit he golf ball longer and straighter from the tee, Instruction videos on how to cure your slice with your driver, How to improve the strike of your irons and create that ball then turf divot, the keys to the stance with all clubs, How to start the swing correctly through simple takeaway tips, the sequence of the downswing and how to rotate through the golf ball, don’t forgot short-game tips such as: How to create spin when chipping, Master the bunkers from wet sand and how to hole more putts out on the golf course.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Let me and Natalie know if there is anything else we can do to help you get fitter for your golf swing!! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Colin gillbanks says:

Great stuff Alex and Natalie. This is something I really need to work on and it's top notch content. ๐Ÿ‘

Keith Dennis says:

Ask her out, Alex.

John Raithel says:

Your providing unique content in a unique way in a crowded field of golf instructors. Good job. Content of body focus of health needs to be explored more. You can try to practice drills on the range but never benefit because you didnโ€™t bring your best healthily body. Let others focus on feel good tips for the weekend warriors (they come and go with YT channels) Iโ€™m an 8 and want to be a 4. Live golf exercise classes. Imagine golfers from all over the world working out specially to improve your golf with you. Iโ€™d pay for that. Youโ€™re the only one I feel can get me there. Also my biggest problem is the space between my ears.
100,000 subscribers soon!

John Griffiths says:

Rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders and one biceps reattachment! External rotation very limited.

Pat Connell says:

Elliott great video thatโ€™s thinking outside the box. Heather looks like she knows a thing or two about the golf swing.

Peter Woodhouse says:

My right shoulder is rubbish after 5 dislocation and 2 operations! This exercise is a game changer for me. Thanks

john yakubowski says:

Thank you for this information. I just had rotator surgery last week on my left shoulder and there was 2 full tears. This is the 2nd repair on the same shoulder in 10 years and I had the right one done 15 years ago. I'm 72 and workout regularly but would like to know that since I am right handed can I expect less negative effects with my golf swing since the surgery is on my left shoulder based on the role of the right side in the swing? Thanks

Ed Walt says:

Excellent help for my swing. Thank you.

Mark Braschler says:

Quit watching after a couple minutes talk to fast with bad mick

003rog says:

Alex, great video as always. I feel that you've hit the Mother Lode with Natalie. Please collaborate with her on an entire series of stretches and exercises for the golfer. Many thanks and kudos!

William Wilson says:

Great stuff – I'm a 'sunshine' golfer. These exercises are definitely and probably more beneficial than hitting balls and ingraining bad habits on the range…

andrew thompson says:

Is natalie ur mom?

Goog says:

Nice couple

Ian Cope says:

Excellent video. Really struggling to get the range of motion in the shoulders, particularly right one, due to old rugby injuries.
It would be good to try and get done ideas of how to combat the chicken wing if you can't get the elbow in at the top.

Mark King says:


Tony Kunkel says:

Alex and Natalie, what would be good for a low back that gets sore and tighter around 15 holes in? I try stretching on the course. Great content ๐Ÿ‘.

Zaahir Elias says:

Excellent video, agree with comments more with Nat please, focusing on flexibility improvement as well

Ashley Elliott says:

Great exercises

Yelash Iollett says:

As I can't get out a play at present, just the type of exercises I need to keep me supple

Langley Smith says:

Brilliant just the type of exercises I need

Eileen Elliott says:

Just the exercise I need for a creaking body.

Creations says:

Hi, love these videos, I am very stif, with the chicken elbow, my swing is very short, wil like a video on exercises to lengthen backswing. Thanx guys.

Beryl Wright says:

Realky good tip keep them coming such a help

Peter Molyneux says:

This is great. Don't think anyone else has done anything like it. More with Nat please, especially for the older golfer like me!

Rich Swayze says:

I need a golf specific back stretching routine with modified versions as well (i don't want to hurt myself). Maybe extra emphasis on form coaching do's & don't's. Thanks!

Jon M says:

Definitely have a chicken wing issue with my follow through. Good video.
Good news on courses opening next week. Yippee.

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