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Nick Taylor authorised Stack and Tilt and GOLFTEC instructor explains the Stack & Tilt Golf swing in slow motion using the 9 positions. This is part 1 of 2 taking a look in detail of the face on view of the Stack & Tilt golf swing using a 7 iron.



Michael Williams says:

I was paying someone 10 quid a month for less information than this… excellent channel

Jimmy Teo says:

Nick, how about doing a video on using S&T on different lies? Thanks.

Andrew Ford says:

Hi Nick, Great video. I've been working on a S&T swing for a couple of years now, but have always struggled with pushing (+sometimes slicing) the ball right, and hitting the ground before the ball a lot. I think the main reason for this is due to swaying my hips and upper body too far forward, starting at transition, resulting in my arms and club lagging behind the body, with club face open / in to out / hitting ground before ball. I wasn't really too conscious of this until I videoed myself and compared to your slow mo. I have adjusted my swing to keep my weight more central, head still, and rotate hips rather than sway forwards (i.e belt buckle stays more in line with the ball vs moving towards target). The result is much more consistently straight shots and solid strikes! I think I got a little confused with S&T around trying to get my weight 95% on front foot for impact (I think actually should be 75%), combined with trying to get my hips and body in front of hands for a good strike. Keen to hear your thoughts on this to see if it sounds right and can add anything to guide me further. Cheers

Robert Saunders says:

At 5:27 on, would you characterize this angle change as a downcock move? Thanks!

Dean Russell says:

The best out there at explaining S&T

Tommy Ruff says:

Hi Nick , thanks for your great explanation of S.&T.
I always thought that the wrists were fully hinged at the top of the backswing but as you explain the wrists become fully hinged ( less than 90 degrees ) on the downswing when the left arm is parallel to the ground . Can you please explain what difference this makes ? Thanks once again for your explanation and my consistency with S.&T. has improved remarkably.

Craig Milner says:

Happened across this content a week or so ago and really enjoying it. The weight shift has always been an issue for me and fat shot, after fat shot. Tried a few of the concepts at the weekend and scored 42 stableford points and cut my handicap from 23 down to 20! Any thoughts on how I can maybe get some S&T lessons and really explore the change to my swing properly? I live in North Yorkshire if that helps….

Ken Mitchell says:

Great videos Nick. They continue to help my game. Would be great to see a video and slo-mo on use and position/rotation of legs, knees, ankles and foot pressures to help get the extra power.

kitinghans says:

Thanks for another great video, just one question in youre video on shaping shots you open the club face to hit a draw in this video it is slightly closed and it produced a slight draw.

CRS says:

Another great video Nick! Hit my irons much better this week and I realize that when I have problems it is from coming up too quickly from P6 to contact. I also shortened my backswing a bit & this really helped me make better contact. The slow motion is awesome, can;t wait to see it all from a side view.

Scott D says:

Nick, this was a fantastic video because I can listen to your instruction and watch the slow mo with highlighted circles numerous times. Love it!!

Adrian Twiss says:

How do you square the need to have no tension in the arms yet keep the left arm straight. Would grip pressure be the important thing to consider?

2311ck says:

Great explanation and the slow motion helps massively.. I struggle with P4 to P5.. My hip push / bump makes my head go backwards to the right way to often.. I'm assuming I'm not on the front foot enough? Hey around 4 or 5 thins or tops per round and I'm convinced it's because I've got the low point of the swing moving as a result of how I hip bump.

Mark Fitzpatrick says:

As usual quality content but I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t have a dig at my Essex compadre.
Now let’s talk about what cycle of steroids your on! Haha Joke obviously. But fcuk me mate your getting some gains or your just buying baby gap golf gear 😁😉. Bringing a new meaning to Stack and Tilt 💪💪💪

Temple Pace says:

Great slomo thank you.

Alan Butterworth says:

Hi Nick, I am really enjoying trying to change my swing to S&T. I have found it much easier on my body and found a new enthusiasm for the game. One question , I use hybrids and have been told to treat them as woods and irons confusing , how do you treat them?

GALA Tolik says:

Hello, when the wrists are to set? Best is in the downswing for lagging?

TeeGee says:

Keep it coming Nick, your presentation of S&T is the best I have seen, really a big help for my game, thank you.

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