Saturday Afternoon Highlights

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Davis Shikle says:

Come on Tiger!

Bandit Baker says:

Sorry Guys but whoever is responsible for this Highlights vid should be sacked immediately! If you want to see how a Highlights package should be produced please take a look at the European Tour Highlight vids, the difference in production and content will shock you.

tom roberts says:

Almost no footage of anyone remotely in contention. How bizarre.

MrShowwoff says:

Fantastic editing choices to make it interesting and versatile. Thank You

Sven Claassen says:

So where are the leaders you idiots?!

brunojake099 says:

Where tf is TIGER!!!!!

在美流浪人 says:

2019??? 4/13/2019 US EST??? 我操!


"Working it off the knob"…I did that today and didn't brag about it!!!

theseeker123 says:

Wheres tony's eagle?

Dave Coronado says:


Brian Messemer says:

No one at the top of the leaderboard was shown here. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Bootty McSqueak says:

Great highlights of guys that are 12 SHOTS OFF THE LEAD!!!

Swetty Spaghtti says:

No Tiger??????? GTFO of here

Jayden Lawson says:

All these comments about Sunday?? 🤨I'm only seeing Saturday

Shiwei Cai says:

Tiger is winning.

Sajjaad Francis says:

You had one job

sirbrad4 says:

I said this idiot was a flash in the pan after he got lucky and would never won again and I was right.

John-boy says:

Some amazingly low rounds today by Cantlay, Finau and others

jmiogo says:

Can’t tell if click bait or the masters channel did an oopsie

Chris says:

Silly duffer

makana n says:

Jordan the time traveler!!

10801283 says:


J024 says:

The masters has invented time travel.

Garth Fairfield says:

I wish Tyrell shoots a 100

William Samuel says:

Sunday afternoon?

DailyDrivenGolf says:

Saturday not Sunday. Morning not afternoon. Fire him. Hire me.

Colin Rud says:

hahaha can tell you only work once a year …. Sunday 😅😅

DailyDrivenGolf says:

it’s Sunday already? I must of slept in! Who won the jacket!?

Ignacio Castro Otero says:

Sunday? Afternoon??

Make money sports betting says:

You mean Saturday highlights

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