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Watch as Mark Crossfield films a different course vlog for golfers wanting to improve their course management and shot selection. Watch as PGA professional Mark Crossfield plays what he thinks is nine holes but is actually eight and films how he is thinking and what choices he makes around Dawlish Warren GC. If you want help with course management and to improve your mental side of your golf game watch as Mark shares his golfing on course mind.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here

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Bill Wallenstein says:

Creating confidence from one shot to the next. Making a plan of attack and building a solid round.

tiger tiger says:

When did u pack in golf at pro level? Just seen your scores on bluegolf and they are not good!!!!

Col Br says:

Really interesting to see how much a good player needs insight into their own strengths and weaknesses to play well.

Adam Goertzen says:

Great stuff, would like to see more. Including more putting thoughts.

Garry Grant says:

Brill. Nuff said.

Ricardo Passarelli says:

You nailed it- Experience. Inspired by this vlog, yesterday I went out in Massachusetts to play on the frozen tundra of our local muni. The snow was melted by a brief January thaw but temps were again below freezing. I played from the forward tees with just an 8 iron as I walked the dog and learned:
   * How to nip the ball off the frozen surface. Otherwise it's like taking a divot in a parking lot.
   * Balls will travel about 30% further and every shot is a bump and run.
   * A normally good 2nd shot will likely be lost because it  just won't stay on the course with the huge wild bounces.
   * How to manage myself in the cold-  hands in pockets, full two gloves, clothing choices.
Any time I get out of my comfort zone I feel I learn something that I can add to my experience, even after 56 years at the game. Golf on the frozen tundra- try it.

max_eh says:

More series like this please! These are awesome😁

Logi Bear says:

I would love to watch a video series where you play in a comp and someone films your shots so we could see how well you preform in a more pressured environment

Connor Thomas says:


Marc Elvin says:

Great videos. I’m looking on things to work on through winter. Not really playing, temp greens and mats so a bit pointless. But see you making the score through scrambling and putting. Not really the 300 yadas drives…Is that a good thought to practice – putting, short game? Play off 6 wanting lower.

rory184 says:

Excellent series 🏌⛳👍

Joe Boyle says:

More of these please – I benefit more from these instructional playing commentaries. Thanks.

David Graham says:

Loved those real golf videos, what a great player you are mark!

gareth birrell says:

Was going to say patterns

Mathieu G. says:

Great one brah ! You…and the muppets…play a big role in my passion for this game, go on with your great work !

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