Mach 1.4 Golf Ball Impacts

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Nick practices his golfing in this quickie video, showing what happens when high velocity projectiles impact various brands of golf balls. We didn’t have enough golf balls to do any practice attempts so I was impressed he hit the ball every time. This also gave me some practice-time with the Chronos high speed camera. 10,000 fps camera speed

I want to thank everyone who has put translations in our videos!

I have no idea what the actual name of the song is. Just some stock music.

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The Roller says:

Nick's got game!

James Gant says:

Another awesome video!

Алексей Лавров says:

Low velocity round is good idea. But you need to make low velocity round and that's inconvenient. I think best way to reduce velocity is increase distance! How about hitting a golf ball at 50 yards? And it's gust for a good start 😉 😉 😉
Great vid. Good speed calculation charts.

SUV RVing says:

Can't wait to see Sluggy McSlugface in concert.

Zachary Latham says:

Whatever happened to the gratuitous behind the target shots?

mursalot says:

Voice over

Alex piv says:

Try this same thing off a tee with steel balls see how fr you get them on open dusty backdrop please juff! LoL

James Ortiz says:

My request for golf ball targets! Fun on the range with different calibers, rimfires are fun.

TinKart says:

He liquified that titleist haha. It deserved it though.

thooke222 says:

This is what typically happens when I swing my Big Bertha with full power. I have to back off to about 40% power to win long-drive competitions.

R32R38 says:

When I was in elementary school there was this story that golf balls had liquid in the center under enormous pressure, and if you cut into one the liquid would shoot out with so much force it would blow off your fingers and destroy your face. Or something like that. Then one day, this kid actually cut into one, and afterwards he still had ten fingers and an intact face.

thooke222 says:

Some golf balls are filled with wound rubber bands … and liquid filled core. I assume they would be equally destroyed but the slo mo might be pretty cool.

Zach Fertterer says:

Now shoot the golf balls with a rubber slug and see how far you can launch them

Dylan Marlow says:

Neat I loved the hydrostatic shock looked and it would be interesting to see how bird shot hits a golf ball at that speed they just stick in the skin but I think it’d make a good vid

Nan's Guns Channel says:

Have seen you shoot a giant rubber band ball.

HarryManI3ack says:

I LOVE Sluggy McSlugface!!

CplSki USMC says:

That's what I call a hole in one!

A Silva says:

Shoot earplugs though a 9mm gun.

DillyD says:

I definitely have no club head speed whatsover…

Mr E says:

Hitting golf balls with a baseball bat is tons of fun y'all should get that in slow mo.

J D says:

try heating up a golf ball and making a 12 gauge slug out of it.

Mr E says:

Should have shot it with a ballistic bean bag

J D says:

go to the thrift store and buy a few bowling balls. those should be easy to hit.plenty of bowling pin videos out there. hickup 45 has the bowling pins covered.

J D says:

high brass fixes everything except golf balls. o look at the golfs. who put a cheap range ball in this high dollar video?

Rytoast99 says:

I love the song

firedude3337 says:

I see the ads are back up

Yeoman Archer says:

This might actually get me interested in golf.

Baconator Doom says:

Putting Gregg to shame on accuracy

sacrip tex says:

you guys need to hit with a rubber ball like riot control ammo

Rascal77s says:

Would be interesting to see how far the ball flies with a bean bag or baton round that doesnt penetrate it. Could make a new sport out of it.

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