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Time for insane GOLF TRICK SHOTS!
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Jack Bagley says:

do drive chip and putt comp

Rohith Ravindran says:

You could a cricket video face off

Jamie Hughes says:

hi dudepurfect I've been here since 150 subs I love your vids my names jamie

Rushil Gandhi says:

My favorite was the last shot

Ryan Taeckens says:

That actually ricocheted off of copy and hit tyler

The Haase House says:

will you show pandas's face at your varey last video your the best


DanTDM you should have get the lucky block inside of the cupboard!!!!opps,sorry wrong channel.

Eli Gottner says:

They need to Vlog

Brayton Clark says:

Marshmallow Dodgeball hahah

Oliver Brindle says:

At three fourth six there was two marshmallows

mohamad moussa says:

Marshmallow dodgeball haha bitches!

Dakota Martin says:

They all suck it is fake

Vijay Chaudhary says:

250YD pool party

John Wiley says:

It was really Jamie ft dude perfect like if you agree

Brad Walters says:

This looks like a lot of fun 🤘

Ryan Russell says:

Check out dare dudes that's my YouTube with some buds

Devin Syhanath says:

Jamie mentions crunchy peanut butter is good for you.
goes to fridge
grabs crunchy peanut butter and starts eating it
I am eating healthy now!

MasterNoob2344 says:

Yeah peanut butter

Carefuld Gaming says:

19million views 19million subscribers

Zealander Express says:

Sees Ty's A&M hat


Ewan Mckendrick says:

Checkout this channel Ross _72

rhinoknife says:

Director to video editor: "what's the worst fucking song ever and can you mix it over the middle of the video?"

Editor: "say no more, fam"

Gabriel Mikael Balon says:

250 yard pool party.

Manuel Bohne says:

Theres some video in your skill… Wow!😂😂

Jackson Ashley says:

into the net

Jackwillow says:

Marshmallow goofball haha

Ryan MC says:

this is so gay lol

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