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Chris Ryan shows you what checkpoints you can have in your golf swing to ensure your arm and body are working together in your golf swing.

Chris focuses on the trail arm and shows how controlling this can instantly improve your backswing



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Jim Sarlanis says:

Good video. It would be helpful if you added a drill to help reinforce a change.

john timmons says:

yet another example of Ryan "holding
an audience" – concept could have been conveyed in 60 seconds versus 6 minutes

virtualbrown says:

Chris, can you do a video of the position of your hands vs your chest throughout the entire swing? This video focuses on the position at the top of the swing but it seems, the hands only travel a few inches back and a few inches forward relative to your chest throughout the entire swing.

Vinsk says:

Just wanted to say I hope you never get any discouragement from the sad and bored simpletons who have nothing better to do than to click on thumbs down. Your videos and instructional advice is fantastic and you're one of the best out there. Period.

Tj Behnke says:

Chris, how does this apply to my driver swing or fairway woods – I often struggle switching between iron and woods – if I'm on with one the other suffers. Love this lesson as it really clears up what I do wrong – people have commented on my elbow traveling way out.

jetpylot12 says:

Fabulous tip. Great reference point for the elbows in the backswing. It was one of the missing links, it helped improve consistency in dramatic fashion. Thank you Chris!

MadDad says:

Totally me. Thanks!

mi1ne says:

love it. this is a trap I fall into for sure. when I "feel" like I'm doing a half swing everyting just works better and goes as far if not further!

Wilson Hung says:

Rarely anyone has taken a view of being in-sync as such, brilliant.

But, wouldn't it be a bit deep at the top anyway for those who are very flexible and have huge chest/ shoulder turns (especially juniors)? What is your view, Chris? Thanks for this new perspective of back swing, which make people start to think. Haha

Ivan Skripkin says:

the swing aid "ball between your elbows" can do a good job for this

Ruud Schrijvers says:

I’m of for my round. First going to the range to try this out. I know I’m inconsistent, so I really need this. Can’t video myself right now but tripod is on it’s way. Curious (and anxious 😉) what I’m going see once I start videoing myself.

LeRoy VandenOever says:

Wow this is the best video so far.

Gunit says:

Awesome tip. Thank you Sir.

jeff berger says:

Would practicing with a Tour Striker smart ball help contain this ‘ flying ‘ trail elbow ?

Larry Letcher says:

Another great checkpoint to keep in mind. Thanks Chris.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

You can still generate enough power with a shorter backswing. If you watch someone like Tony Finau swing, his elbow stays very low in the backswing.

Michael says:

great video Chris keep up the awesome work

HeWhoHasTheSon says:

This is GOLD 👌🏼 Thank you Chris 👍🏼

Alan Jordan says:

Working on this with my golf coach today. I managed a chicken wing with my trail arm on the downswing!
Have drills now to fix 😎

Alex Deel says:

Chris another fine lesson. I find myself doing this exact thing.

Citizen Ychoux says:

Hey Chris. Yet another great video with a clear message and a crisp edit.
Good job and thanks for your content

Fernando Gonzales says:

You talk about the shoulder turn and the elbow and the arms. I am a lefty playing right handed. Can you talk about what the hands should really be doing as well? Thanks.

Ryan Harwell says:

That explains my baseball swing. Arms too far back. Thanks.

Still Ill says:

Learn a lot from your videos!!! Thanks!!!

GolfHo says:


Niels Pietersen says:

So what youre saying, is keep the elbow in the backswing next to body in order to allow them to get back in front?

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