How does a women get fitted for Golf Clubs? And what all do you need to start out golfing at a course?

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Question by BunnyButt: How does a women get fitted for Golf Clubs? And what all do you need to start out golfing at a course?
I am 5’8″………I have used men’s clubs for playing around with.

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Answer by snell311
To get fitted for clubs all you have to do is go to a golf store. They will have you hit balls into a bay with a launch monitor and it will tell you the spin, speed, etc. The speed will tell you the shaft stiffness you need. The spin will help find your driver. For irons: then they will have you hit off of a lie board with lie tape on the bottom of the club. This will determine if your irons should be upright or flat a few degrees. I am 6’2″ and play 3 degrees upright on my irons because of my height and nature of my swing. They will also measure your wrist level to the floor to determine if you need clubs that are longer. You are tall so you might need an extra half inch or inch on your irons. Golf galaxy and other places charge for this service but might give you a discount on the club for the ammount of the fitting. In general the driver, irons, and putter fitting fall into their own charge category.

And to start out golfing at a course I just look up their phone number and call for a tee time>

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David L says:

I would agree with all of the above and add: go to the driving range first and take a lesson or two. No one wants to get stuck behind a first timer on the course who has never hit a ball before. And learn the etiquette. It’s very important.

GraWolfe says:

again, I would suggest the pro shop. I also got lessons at the course which gave a discount on the membership fee.

I never did care for what other people thought — so, if you see people giving you a hard time? I used to say, ‘so you were born with a club in your hand?’

good luck! it is fun

BP says:

Snell311 is on point with his answer but I would recommend AGAINST a golf store. Go to a golf course and get fitted by a golf coach that has coached women. Even better would be a woman instructor.

Women are physically different than men for upper body strength and even how their arms hang in relation to their body. A coach that understands these differences can help you choose a club that is right for you in addition to the launch monitor and fitting.

What do you need to start with?:

-Ball Marker to keep water out by zipping up.
-Shoes – very important that you get at least 2 year waterproof and they should be comfortable to walk in for several hours. I like addidas and Nike makes a good shoe but I’ve got narrow feet.
-Don’t get the little cute covers for the irons because that’s a sure sign of a newby high handicap golfer. Good players don’t use the club covers – fake it until you make it, look like a player
-Absorbent golf towel . usually buy one at a course that has a cool logo.
-Brush with plastic bristles to clean club grooves. Clip on the end would be good. Don’t get metal bristols because they scratch the finish on your irons and scuff paint on woods
-Tee’s… lots of different styles. Brush tees aren’t worth it. Go for a bio-degradeable tee.
-Nice hat
-Rain gear if you are a all weather player or at least a cheap poncho for those days you get caught out on the course
-Golf Umbrella .
-Snacks that don’t melt like crackers or trailmix w/ no choclate in it.

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