Golfing BEARS?!

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Golfing BEARS?!

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Nedyah444Yelsuob says:

ive been hit by a baseball that was on a T three feet away from my back

Tyler Crane says:

i would think that in canada, people would use hockey sticks for golfing like in happy gilmore. heh yeah thats the way i want to imagine it.

StCyr87 says:

no I havent but it looks fun

StCyr87 says:

lmao, thats cute and funny

BFF1012 says:

I went to a train show like that it was boring lmao

edgehaedjr says:

Never been t one of those centres… I think. xD

1028Merlion says:

Mountain bikes are cool! U should take it up as a sport, Nadine….it will be fun! By the way, i didn’t know bears can play golf….all this while, i thought only tigers play golf…haha…

mspaigemontgomery says:

Yep i went to a wedding convention and a lady from a “Passion Party Company” Kept trying to interest me in products and “Special Packages” i didnt think she realized i was 14..

TheAgentSquid says:

no but i hit my sister with a golf club…

lambarini says:

i sometimes go to things like this

Cheska Loyola says:


tallerthanu says:

PNE in Vancouver every year, w00t! 😀

The only other convention-type thinger I’ve been to is a career fair at BC Place :

1989dramon says:

I sometimes go to Computer conventions and model train conventions

ThRandomGal says:

the only conventions I go to are IT conventions and gaming conventions… :D

slamminride says:

well you don’t see that every day, lol, bears playing golf. interesting

plan7a says:

:p xoxox.

rebirthatthefountain says:

i have only seen those new clubs on tv, haven’t seen them in person yet… maybe this summer

rebirthatthefountain says:

nadine is a golfer! sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!

Derek51386 says:

Shane is a closet homosexual. I’m not saying it as an insult, he is funny as hell.

ka1sun says:

If you want to see the largest Nerd event ever look at my channel of the Dayton Hamvention

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