Golfing At 6,500 Feet Elevation! | Course Vlog | Front 9 The Broadmoor West Course | Part 1

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In today’s video I will be playing the front 9 on the West Course at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado! We are having so much fun here at The Broadmoor Resort! Let’s make some birdies! Enjoy the vid!! #Subscribe #HitTheBell #Golf


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Zac Radford says:

Who has golfed in Colorado?

Most: Rinky akter Rumi says:

watcjh funny golfing

Amrx says:

Will you ever play with gm golf again

Michael Bergum says:

5:49 what's with the glove? Lol to much time playing golf?

Wills Ohrnberger says:

come golf at 10,000ft!

AJ Key says:

POV: you are watching this video when Zac has 10x the amount of subscribers as the yardage of the course

Trevor Richwine says:

Did you have any bad shots that you didn't put in the video lol?

Erick P85D says:

Was that Rory on 4?

thomas jones says:

The king of sting!

Bob Laughland says:

Love the long sleeves. Are you going to be selling those?

Chris Rebeck says:

Zac, that Stinger is awesome! Nice article by the way in Golf Magazine. You broke it down quite nicely. It will take some real practice to hit them like you. Love the video! Colorado has some great golf.

Justin F says:

6:49 Dang Zac I think it's time for a new glove brotha😂I think it's broke in already, awesome video as always 👍

Scott McBride says:

My favourite part about your game Zac…..your temperament.
When you have a silly bogey, your able to totally forget about it and move on. I need to start taking this approach.
Great vlog as usual bro 👌

ThatZigDude says:

Zac, I love your content! But some honest feedback… Andrew is terrible. He isn’t funny, his commentary contributes nothing. All of the videos of yours he is in, he ruins. Please stop using him in your vids.

bugattidane says:

10:27 = A phrase I'm painfully familiar with.

shafly67 says:

I don’t see the cold weather shirts you guys are wearing in the store?

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