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Garth Halverson says:

I fell like at the very beginning the entire poster thing was going to break because of his expression when it didn't break

Brandon Keith says:

the hole in one

Cam Johnholtz says:

Is the song saying Patrick?

Sander Annaert says:

My favorite shot is still the one from the purple hoser: XR low screamer Gong ringer! Am I the only one?

Full on Airsoft says:

We need more hockey

Stephen Gossman says:

You guys should make videos on how you actually get your trick shots prepared and what a day of doing the trick shots actually looks like. I think that'd be really neat for the fans to see.

patiohomeboy says:

no happy gilmore?

Charlie Higgins says:

Outside of the hole in one, those shots take moderate golf skill at best. I'm questioning if he actually hit a hole in one. Do a live show and see how impressed we are.

Treston the crazy kid says:

Tyler hit hole in one

Treston the crazy kid says:

They all got hole in one

Grace Pearson says:

My favorite shot was obviously the hole-in-one that was just awesome

Aiden Kreye says:

frisbee galf

Alexander says:

¿Is it just me or are the sails of the windmill too short to stop the ball anyway?

JB Survival says:

D o you actually read all the comments

broadsword 12 says:

Dude Perfect stereotypes are the best

DylanC Stacy says:

You should do Travis pastrona

Beth Halpain says:


Fishing with Angel says:

They did all that to hit glass for the intro wow

Triloy Saha - Brisdale PS (1484) says:

You guys are the number one best youterbers

Markley Hawkins says:

How is this possible

Calli Pinault says:

how many times have you guys broken windows during trick shots

Debbie Raney says:

the hole in one

Brady Andersen says:

I hit the dislike button jk (Just kidding) I hit the like button a jillion times!😄

Kirk Rapose says:

Why doesn't coby and Cory perform many tricks please comment

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