Golf Tips: Perfect Body Rotation

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Golf Tips: Perfect Body Rotation. What is perfect body rotation in the golf swing? Here, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Neil Plimmer explains how to use your body in the golf swing


K EM says:

Awesome, thanks

JohnnyNIght says:

Love this Vid… Also one of the most Awesome settings for a golf video I have ever seen… I was really loving the sand and sea…

Zil Padhiar says:

This video really helped me out thank you so much…

H B says:

Always feel cheated when they don't actually hit the ball….

Tommy Hediaka says:

The way he says "a nice solid athletic posture" improves my golf swing

sharmakdeep says:

@1:44 They can't dis-associate top half and bottom half (flipped?) 🙂

Rajiv Kotwal says:

The concept of 'separation' has been explained beautifully with the help of alignment sticks.

Mike Sullivan says:

Another really poorly made video made on some sort of phone or cheap camcorder. The magazines are a dying breed…

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