Golf Thug [HD]

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kemita says:

what a lost generation… back in my days the thugs were kids and they
killed each other for fun, now it is all about granpas playing golf

fuck this world

Hjalmar Nyman says:

Thumbs up if you knew this meme before it was posted on /r/videos

Hjalmar Nyman 

MultiKillsHD says:

No questions were asked that day…. 

sewoh100 says:

I lost my shit at the comic sans golf font. 

Michael Best says:


Tactical Turd says:

4chan/reddit/9gag fedora fags, you’re not cool because you make fun of each
other -_-

SlvrWlf88 says:

Theres No Chance he Says….Then Gets Proven wrong while hundreds of people
are watching.. well played,,,

Sterski1 says:

I’m here because of violent jelly-babies.

FaZe Carl says:

the real thug.

PvtVallen says:

Is there any video of this without the shitty thug life stuff?

DewChugger - Reddit Gold user says:


samolux says:

Fedora, tip… I tipping my fedora redditor many golds reddit fedoras. And
tipping. The fedora tips. My reddit, intelligence. And the Sir good day
m’lady. Upboats and fedoras. Sorry, just had to get that out of my reddit.

wiredsk8r says:

uploader is a pos

Angel Marijuana says:

Golf Thug [HD]:

TrackpadProductions says:

I don’t know what to think about this.

EchoExtremefortheQueen says:

Are redditors taking over youtube or sumthin?

Matty Matt Matt says:

The thug life shit is old and annoying. 

MassPranks says:

Wow this guy is gangster

neat4lyfe1982 says:

It’s his course so it’s obvious he’s going to modify the conditions to best
suit what he was going to do… look at all the people standing in the
background. As if they aren’t having a constant effect on where the ball
is going.

wrcz says:

I’m enjoying all these 4chan trolls immensely. Please, never stop :D

Madame Lulu says:

Oh no he didnt!

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