Golf Stereotypes

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Golf Stereotypes: The golfers we all love to hate.

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Joshua Hansen says:

Do movie and volleyball stereotypes

Beast Tube says:

Hockey 🏒 or soccer ⚽️

baseballsux says:

someone who enjoys finding nike balls has some serious issues

Luke O. says:

call of duty stereotypes, like the try hard, or the Modder

Tatum Schmitz says:

also you could do soccer

Tatum Schmitz says:

you should do swimming!

Daniel Valljo says:

Why do yall not make a Baseball stereotype video

Jake Farr says:

whos watching this in 2050

Botoy Sansan says:

soccer stereotype

Tyrthebean 07 says:

Driving stereotypes

EC KnD! says:

The PGA rule book actually says that it only counts as a stroke if the ball falls off the tee during or after your backswing it's a stroke but Ty tapped it off so Gar was wrong lol

Anthony Hudson says:

That is a great idea Harry Goldfein

Tyler Mons says:

don't worry your not the only one with stereotypes

Ski Gamer says:

I'm the ball hunter


Keep it coming

Cameron Burns says:



NotSatisfied _ says:

The rage monster is everywhere!!

Buss 'N Buck says:

Me: Ball hunter
Friend: The mood swing

Oscardj99 says:

How come Ty is always the rage monster?

bulls 23 says:

tennis steryo type

alex randall says:

do a soccer stereotypes vid

Ian Hudson says:

"just go up there and put it in the hole" thats what she said

ryjenlin says:

Who else watches stereo types just for the rage monster

Awsome Fizz says:

I'm defiantly rage monster

Espy Mize says:

You're videos are awesome🤗😜

Josh Seviour says:

I'm the way to many practice swings guy 😂😂

Shark Boi says:

Rage monster

M0332 Butt says:

Me I'm the rage monster


a very good video

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