Golf Ball Fitting & Testing With Launch Monitor Results – How Do You Choose The Correct Ball?

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Choosing the correct golf ball model for your game can be very confusing as there are soooo many options out there! Having a golf ball fitting is a very good way to narrow down the options to then go and test out on the course. This video takes you through the process of a golf ball fitting using both the driver and a wedge and shows the launch monitor results with the differences between the two different models of ball.

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Bob Pfaff says:

50 to 60 metres out I really notice the difference between a premium ball and a good B grade ball.

Scott Stewart says:

I've heard that you'll see a bigger difference with shorter wedge shots in 4 versus 2 piece.

ibass2 says:

do they still manufacture the ad333? cant find it in USA

Joe Dorgan says:

Good review Mike an often overlooked part of the bag but equally important 👍🏻

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Nice review (good to see you're using the "smidgy" unit of measurements in your reviews!)
As a mid hcp golfer on a budget this was very reassuring that you still can get good results from the AD333 (which does also have a spinskin coating). Also their tour yellow ball is excellent on a dark winter day! Cheers.

steve kemlo says:

I use the AD333 in the winter ,a decent ball, loved the Bridgestone RX

grumpy2159 says:

would you expect similar results with slower swing speeds?

Ross Murray says:

I definitely pick through feel especially with the putter, now play the Chromesoft over the Pro V.

Mango Man says:

I was genuinely surprised how close the AD333 spin was to the Z-Star for your 50* wedge. I've seen guys hitting partial shots around 50-60 yards and consistently getting almost 2000 rpm more from premium balls. Maybe the tech of the premium ball has a bigger spin advantage on greenside and half shots? Could be a good sequel to this video.
I do think that AD333 is one of the best budget balls ever made.

Tim Townsend says:

Great vid, I use the xv but considering changing to the zstar for a softer feel.

nolan ring says:

a course vlog would be cool.

thanks man.

xanadu1922 says:

Hi Mike any plans to do course vlogs

gary smith6 says:

I never thought that the Z star would spin lower of the driver.

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