Golf….100 YEARS AGO!

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Golf…100 YEARS AGO! In this Under Par Passport episode we head up to Gleneagles to take part in the centenary anniversary of the Kings and Queens golf courses.

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Robert D. Hewson says:

How do you know what golf was like 100 years ago? Did you ask your mum?

Francisco Guzman says:

Did he make the putt at 11:34? That was an early cut…seems suspect ha

Craig Edga4r says:

Love Scotland love the Scottish people (worked for McAlpines for nearly 4 years!) and would love to play any of the courses someday!

William Berger says:

I hope the photographer got shots you and Carly "In Charactor"?
Her camerawork is getting good.

Francisco Guzman says:

Wouldn't that just mean bogey is 5, making the hole a par 4??

anjel barajas says:

those mc hammer pants are on point

Joe Perez says:

Were you wearing those trousers properly? If they are "plus 2s" or "plus 4s," the elastic band at the bottom (probably a buckle in 1919) is supposed to be just under your knee, with the excess material hanging down, obscuring the fastener. Or were those a different style worn at the time, closer to "shooting breeks?" Have a dozen or so pair of plus 2s that I got from a shop down the road from you, in Sowerby Bridge.

Yinzer In Steelers Nation says:

BROOOO WE GOT THE SME GOLF SHOES I love em the first time I walked 18 it felt like I could do another 18 they are amazing love the vids keep up the great work

James Fondren says:

That place is obviously magic.

Jeffrey Love says:

Bravo Pete! What a beautiful setting! Your swing looks great and the content is superb!

Razicial says:

Who was the guy playing the bagpipes the whole video? Hes got some serious lungs on him

Pickle MeTimbers says:

This is what I hoped for! Good man, Pete. Thanks for uploading this. You made an old comment come true!
Got a question. How is the weight comparison between the hickory clubs of yester year VS the weight of modern clubs?

James Wiltshire says:

1920's golfer or new age country pimp, either works

Russell Thorburn says:

13:40 "You gave me the wrong club.". Fire the caddie!

Sorry Pete. You'll have to stick with hitting the ball rather than carrying the clubs.

Adam Barnett says:

Looking good, Pete. The attire. The swing. The surroundings. All looking very very good here.

Chris Walters says:

Great video. Thank you!!!

Michael says:

That was cool seeing 1919 vs 2019.

ramon moreno says:

Awesome looking course and great outfits. You can definitely pull that look off.

Tracy Ferguson says:

Really, really enjoyed this.  Wish so much I lived over there, so many beautiful courses and life seems so much slower and fun there.  Great job!

j w says:

Peter finch looking dashing in that get up

Shootin' with Uncle Dan says:

You needed different shoes Pete😂👍

Alan Dye says:

You and your dad should play that course. Your dad uses modern clubs and you use hickory shafted clubs. That would be classic!!

speerchucker64 says:

Have a Glenmor home. Been going for 15+ years. It is our favourite place on earth!

John-Charles Hesser says:

What a glorious video Finchy! I was at Gleneagles once many moons ago and loved every minute. Watching you in your plus fours makes me want to go back! If ever in Chicago, you have an invitation to Medinah for a round of golf.

Chris Monhollen says:

Great vlog Peter! You absolutely crush it every time!

Old Grumpy Gamer says:

My local golf club is holding Liermoen Hickory Invitational in July. You have to use wooden clubs made before 1935 and clothing in style. Should be interesting to watch. 🙂

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