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The follow through is often overlooked in the golf swing but, as Sir Nick Faldo explains, working on it can transform your game!
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vimal Mittal says:

Not true. U have to concentrate to hit down on the ball longer to avoid flips.

Norberto Melech says:

Mr cameraman!!!!!! i want to see the hands!!!

Dennis Dobin says:

Very good video,like solving a crime[the crime of hitting bad golf balls] working backwards,would like to watch a video of reverse theory starting from the point of where the ball lands or finished,back threw the flight,and then giving an explanation as to how and why the ball reacted as it did,could be interesting.

Jasmin Bolić says:

interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about golf video tips try Nadazma Amazing Golf Helper (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

Dave Barker says:

Camera man useless, should have stood back and given full viewing

Swansong 007 says:

Nick you need someone who can actually use a camera. Worst framing I've ever seen. Always framing you in wrong place at wrong time.

Mike Boatright says:

I love how he has real ideas that work vs all the tech garbage,or motions with the hips and set ups that throw you off. I would indeed take lessons with Nick Faldo,

Adam Mcvay says:

Well said, its all about target & looking good in the process

colin glen says:

need a new camera man.

Conrad Harle says:

Excellent vid

Polsen2013 says:

FIRST biotch

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