Easiest swing in golf, The Golf swing made simple, Senior golf Specialist

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Here Julian is demonstrating a simple golf swing, are too many swing thoughts killing your golf swing?

As always if Julian can be of any help simply message him by looking on his website www.julianmellorgplfschool.co.uk

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paul campanini says:

Thanks Very much for your prompt answer I am impressed I will try ,

Stephen Rosbottom says:

Just like to say been watching your videos, and my handicap has come down from 110 to 95. I'm 55 so not exactly a senior, but I don't have to think, I just do the exact same swing. The thing is I know I can get better

Sansfaim says:

Hi Julian, I’ve been trying the PIG method for a bit now. Got checked on trackman the other day and my path is completely neutral and very consistent. However, I’m having some difficulty working the ball. Are you going to do any videos on fading and drawing the ball?

Paul Prior says:

Hi Julian…been watching your videos…really good and helpful…told my friends about you…How tall are you please…my friends are six foot four and six foot seven…i'm five foot seven…they seem to struggle a bit because of their height…can you advise please…tks…

Jardine Sydney says:

I,ve been a fan of P.I.G.for some time now,but i have to own up i,ve been mistakenly looking at other methods as well,i,d been thinking about taking the club back as if i was shaking hands with someone on my right also trying to get my navel to target in through swing with some success but it didn,t last,why too many swing thoughts.now i,m back again with P I G from now on.I,m a senior golfer but fit for my age,unfortunately i,m living in a Greek island where there is no golf,i practice quite a lot in fields just to prepare myself for my visit to Athens golf club,i used to go about every 3 or 4 months,now it,s becoming less and less so you can imagine my game is suffering when i go there.i used be 10 h/cap @ Wavendon golf centre.i can,t imagine what it is now,all i want really is to enjoy my game and hopefully beat my best score.i,m still practicing La dance du golf exercises every day,Regards S/J.

Julian Mellor says:

New dates just released for my 2-day total immersion courses in March and April 2018, full details on my website http://www.julianmellorgolfschool.co.uk , worth booking early as they are limited to 8 spaces and they book up very quickly

Julian Mellor says:

D Canada
I am a Senior golfer whose game has been in decline in the past few years, due to a combination of, wear and tear, ill health and age related issues such a mobility. I came across Positive Impact Golf purely by chance, whilst surfing the net. The content intrigued me to such an extent that I viewed all of the listed videos, and went on to purchase Brian's book. Last week I attended one of the One day courses, this one held at Ardencote, run by Julian, ably assisted by Jo. What did I get out of the course, and what did I learn? Firstly enjoyment, secondly knowledge, and thirdly there is an alternative to the modern 'contortionist approach'. The PIG approach is so beneficial in terms of it's simplicity, reduced physical effort, easy to repeat and remember as opposed to "Keep your head down, stiff left arm, don't raise your left foot, turn" etc. Heck I can't always remember where I put the car keys!. Moreover, it works! As someone who has had lots of lessons over the years, I believe a key to learning and understanding has to involve 'rapport' between the student and the instructor. Julian fulfils that requirement with his easy going nature, relaxed style, understanding, and patience, (he needed that with me). The way he explained and demonstrated the philosophy made the learning process so much easier. I must confess to having some difficulty in visualising some of the changes to my bunker play that he proposed, but his suggestion to use the free Hudl app should help me in that regard. It is refreshing to come across an idea which has provides a good customer 'after sales service' in this case follow up advice. If you are struggling with your game, why not give this a try, you never know, it might just change your game around. Incidentally, Ardencote and it's surroundings are really good. One unexpected bonus from regularly performing the 'dance du golf' is a reduction in my waist line, very welcome

Julian Mellor says:

I've just released the dates of my 2-day residential course at Ardencote , full details on my website http://www.julianmellorgolfschool.co.uk , only 4 spaces left

Lee Eustace says:

Great video, but the volume is extremely low.

Simon Hutcheson says:

Another down to earth video Julian, thanks. Folks out there, I did the 3 day course with Brian in Brisbane and have not looked back – its a game changer. Relaxed, stress free golf for senior golfers, the enjoyment is back in my game!

Brad Moore says:

Thanks Julian, Im having trouble with the swing. Do you exactly hit down with the arms or are they passive and let the bodybring them around. Love the swing trying to learn

Sodthong says:

This is the secret, i look no more 🙂

Andy servi says:

Great video again Julian.
Is your slight forward press an aid to you?

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