DIY Golf Simulator Video

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Please watch: “Man Versus Quail!!! – Quail Hollow Part 6” –~–
Here’s a little DIY project for all you avid golfers out there!!! Find out everything you need to know to build your own in-home hitting bay/golf simulator. The Subourbonginger is making it as simple as possible for you to be able to practice any time you want to improve your game, right in your own home!!!

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Links to all of the products featured in this video:

Cimarron Sports 10X10X10-ft Golf Frame Corner Kit

Carl’s Golf Simulator Impact Screen (Finished Edges and Grommets) 10X10-ft

Dynamax Sports Golf Practice Net 10X30-ft

OPTI4860 XL Golf Mat for the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator


earle trent says:

Interesting! Seems Mic less voice. Great Video. Does anyone looks for golf simulator and accessories at 30% OFF, reach me.!!!

Jerome Spanski says:

Abit tight quarters: you spent waay too much for just a hitting bay!!

Jerome Spanski says:

Heads up Screen projection reflection???
Just a impact zone as U diy can be done hella cheaper!
Hitting Tent on Wish.con

action figure says:

Great Vid man

cecil roberts says:

you could make the same thing out of pvc pipe and would be alot cheaper

Felipe Ruiz says:

Are you hitting hundreds of shots a day?.. and if so, how is the wear and tear on that screen? Also exactly which model screen is that?

Nate Steele says:

Why does this video only have 600 views, this should be the top search for when I search at home golf simulator. Thanks for the video, and INCLUDING THE LINKS!!!

Laughing Eyes says:

Oh God, I need some more Rum if I gotta look at those pants!!!! 😂

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