Disc Golf Strategy: You do not need to throw your disc under the basket.

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Luke Zacharias says:

Would be fun to watch you break down a round of disc golf.

David McIver says:

If you don’t already know Scott gives private lessons with FaceTime. Had mine today and it was worth every penny! Thanks Scott.

The sound you hear Is the Roth’s you fear says:

I like this guy

Tory Shafer says:

Too bad I can’t make an eight foot putt

supiika says:

This is a great advice. I used to be guilty of trying to always throw the approach inside the bullseye. If I didn't make it and the disc was at the circles edge I thought that it was a bad approach. Nowadays if a drive lands on the fairway but not right where I wanted it's still okay because I can fix the mistake with the approach. If the approach is anywhere inside the circle it's great because then it's up to my putting game to make it count.

kenny wheeler says:

Seems obvious now that you say it, but I never thought about it like this. Definitely a stroke saver.

spencer ling says:

So true great advice i see it a lot where this guy tried to hard to get his disc right or left toward the basket and miss the gap when they could have just had the gap and a 20 footer.

Abilene Disc Dye Guy says:

And we always said we'd never need math after school…LOL

Martin Riggs says:

You haven't seen my putting

Joseph Tascione says:

Scott, your videos are the best! I love how you just tell it straight. I bought your book and it is freaking WILD! You're not afraid to tell the good, the bad and the ugly of your life.

Allness says:

You don't need to throw it under the basket you need to throw it in.

Greentree 420 says:

Can’t believe some newbies are onto this guy. The original distance OG. Pumped to have found your channel. Definitely miss the days when there weren’t so many discs and shirts and bags. It was just golf then. Don’t get me wrong I love what has happened but those were simpler times when a birdie well it was just a birdie. Play on. Fade gear for life. Don’t get caught up in the hype and just love what you do.

Tommy G says:

Thanks for reinforcing the basics… Damn your good…

Josh Barling says:

Love your videos. Examples behind you that you could demonstrate would go along way

carny shill says:

this video is for Ron Convers….Play safe.

Trypt Out says:

Thanks for the tips 🍻

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