Differences Me vs Tour Pro + Switching To Winter Golf Balls!

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In this week’s Finch Friday we look at the differences between me and a Tour Pro + Switching To Winter Golf Balls! And round it up with some classic late night ball flights.

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Garutoh Garutoh says:

What is going on with the black tee when you're hitting at night? Keeps sinking into the ground, have I gone mad already?

Anthony Bennett says:

Peter's comments regarding driver length vs distance unfortunately are not correct. 90% of all people I fit require a shorter driver which promotes better contact and therefore better accuracy and more consistent distance. In research myself and others have done, a middle strike with a 46 inch long driver compared to 44.5 Inch driver is roughly 3 meters distance difference at 107 mph swing speed. 8 meters difference at 125 mph. Let's hit the fairway's people!!!

Mark Arbuthnot says:

Hey Pete see Dean Snell’s comment on golf balls. Keep balls inside, not in the car trunk/boot or in an unheated garage and the ball’s core will stay warm for the round.

Jon H. says:

If you cut a driver to improve center contact frequency then is that bad? If your 3 wood is 43" and your driver is 45"-46" long, furthermore your fairway club length progressions are 1" why is the driver 2" to 3" longer? http://www.golfwrx.com/261559/wishon-what-length-should-your-golf-clubs-be/

Ornby1 says:

“ toolbox” ?

Andy Reece says:

Surprised there was no mention of perhaps more center faced contact, resulting in more distance and consistency for many amateurs:-)

Toby Jones says:

Peter cool time at the end of this vid…whats the name please

Chris I says:

Great Q and A session, the short game difference is huge. Seeing what the pros do near the greens, getting up and down from almost anywhere is amazing. Also amazing is how much time folks spend whacking balls off a mat and how little time they spend at the short game practice area. Its okay for me, I get the whole chipping green to myself! I like the Finch Friday finish, editing gold: the night at the range, great rhythm, watching a good swing is a joy. Thanks.

nap225 says:

Name of the song?? That range session was absolutely incredible.

Dxn Lowry says:

you hitting balls at night on the range is so soothing or somthing id watch vids of just that!

ReggieWHUFC says:

Baby fadeeeeeee

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