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CRUISE MY SHIP JAMES HITS THE GOLF COURSE. Mark watches james take his new ideas and new golf swing onto the golf course to see if he can put it to work. This is the real test for any golfer, on the golf course trying to hit better drives and iron shots into targets.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here

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Chris Johnson says:

This series has been one of my favorite things you have done Mark. Such valuable information and really interesting to see it all play out, over the course of a few days, with a normal guy who is looking to improve his game. It also underscores how invaluable good coaching can be and highlights some of the mental and physical hurdles that come up along the way. And….of course is entertaining, haha. Hats off to you…great example of how well-rounded, fun and informative this channel can be.

Bob Wilson says:

Really enjoyed this series of vlogs Mark, something completely different. Great content, and cheers to James for participating so openly, I imagine many wouldn't be so forthcoming even after having won a fantastic trip like that

Ronnie says:

Nice job, both of you guys.

Mith Morris says:

Good work to you both lots of practice for James in the future would like to see you catch up with him in a month or so to see if it is working 👍 👍 👍 did you find that lends cap

n3qdz says:

Oh do I see James in the rotation???????

Todd Sincock says:

No more club reviews brah?. Many new releases lately….is this because of your Titelist deal? New direction I guess?

Rich Boshart says:

Congrats James, you’re already hitting the driver straighter than Coach Lockey and he’s a pro with an army. Great series Mark.

Rexx Engineering says:

The problem of the steep downswing, high handle delivery is so common. It makes me think that more study needs to go into understanding why people do it. It's obviously based on a common, natural human instinct. Millions of golfers are not morons. Our instincts are telling us to swing the club in a way that won't work. Why? Yet there are a smaller number of golfers who instinctively swing down shallow and on plane. What accounts for this? Golf instruction needs to get to the root cause. Well meaning teachers and students are not able to fix this. Steering a car or a bicycle is instinctive as well. After a few days amount of practice, nearly everyone can steer a car around all types of curves, at varying speeds, without giving it any thought. Instinct takes over. Why do our instincts hurt so many of us in the golf swing? I try so hard to shallow out the downswing but it just doesn't work. There's something going on here we don't understand.

Steve Olander says:

Great concept and very entertaining. Liked it was a different kind of lesson series with the cruise and a lotto winner. Sometimes I forget that Mark is a coach first and foremost.

Dave Marlin says:

Probably my favorite YouTube series ever. Spot on. Thanks Mark!

Saint Kimbo says:

This guy needs some mind training as well as physical, I mean, how does he get to a point where he thinks that his awful over the top move is the correct way to hit a golf ball, ?

He obviously has the wrong concepts going on, and I don't see Mark correcting that aspect, it's fine to show him a move or two that will correct his downswing plane, but if he doesn't know why, won't that bring in the possibility that he will simply regress back into his old move, if he perceives that the new move isn't getting the result he wants?

I know Mark is a great teacher and maybe he and James have discussed this aspect of the swing off camera, but it would make interesting viewing to ask James what his concept of the swing motion was prior to the lessons.

Randy Mahony says:

Don't give up James you did we'll. Keep practicing repetition is the key. I'm still envious!

Michael Waugh says:

If he was able to “get it right” 40% of the time, after only 3 days of trying completely new swing thoughts and techniques, I’d class that as a win! It takes a helluva lot of time and practice and playing on-course to make real change. Keep up the practice, James, and you’ll be a #7handicap just like ol’ Raymondo!

breeze787 says:

I've watched a few of Marks live lessons and I believe he is a genuinely good golf instructor. His understanding of the numbers is amazing and his teaching life has given him a good feel for how to improve a golfers numbers. I am quite impressed.  Not to mention have you seen him golf? Not shabby, not shabby at all.

Jesse White says:

At a boy James! Just as I suspected would happen. Shorter clubs were easier to lay down. That’s my experience as it seems harder to lay down and bring around the longer club. Maybe due to swinging harder/faster? Thoughts?

Ian Boots says:

Well done Mark for your vlog and James for your humour and effort to try and change your swing..

Padraig Hribar says:

Come on people, how can 6 people give this a thumbs down. The only possible reason I can think for thumbs downing this video is because it was too short haha I would have liked to have seen more shots on the course. But as a whole, with all the videos together, it’s brilliant. Well done again 👍

Suzanne Heffernan says:

Great series Mark, well done James, I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been playing in front of a camera, it just goes to show how difficult but enjoyable this game of golf is. Ballroom dancing was a bonus. Keep it up Mark.

Padraig Hribar says:

👏 well done guys. Enjoyed watching this mini series. Really looked forward to it each night. I would like to see his progress in a couple months. Impressive changes already, he might not be striking it well consistently but the swing it self looks 100 times better from what we seen on day 1,consistency will come with more practice. Congrats again, well done both of you.

Kwasnik Matthew says:

best of luck james!!!!! great videos Mr Crossfield!

cowabunga says:

very good, enjoyed that. Although, James is 18??!! Lies. He's at least 40.

5150abbott says:

Awesome job to the both of you.

JohnnyD says:

Mark ………………….I enjoyed this segment!

amessofamind says:

Fantastic series, enjoyed this. Great job James, keep it up and maybe you'll get your own little army in this comments section haha.

Keith Jones says:

Mark I’ve never been a massive fan of the ‘over comical’ course vlogs but the way you’ve conducted this mini series and also your private course vlogs is top notch and second to none

Would love to see a follow up round with James where the jokes are kept to a few a minute rather than every other sentence as I feel that’s where you shine 🙂

Martin Mieden says:

Way to go James it takes a log of balls to get filmed and put out there for the world to watch

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