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hey guys this is course vlog 2018 at Blue Sapphire Golf Course and this video is a part2 of a match play between me and Matt from Golf Sidekick. He’s a 5 handicapper but he’s never played this golf course before so I give him 6 shots. we really enjoyed the game Matt is a cool and funny guy and his golf is pretty good too. I’m sure we will make more videos together in the future and while he’s improving his golf I will spend more time learning on how to make better videos.

I really appreciate everyone for watching my videos and I apologise for mistakes that I tend to make on every video wether it’s an editing or a talking part. I will improve.

Part 1:
Matt’s Channel: (he makes great course vlogs + instructions videos for beginners and some advance players)


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Ryan Berecz says:

Hey Golf I have many connections in southwest Florida for golf courses, work on a beauty over here….you should come do your vlog over here, we can play Tibourn (Shark shootout), Old Corkscrew (Jack Nicklaus design)…and many other beauties….ill put you up….love the passion, would to play a couple rounds with ya!

2007zodiac says:

Haha,,, I’ve asked a few things off you, and you’ve Gave me them all now!….
1, LETS-GO!! ( my friends are even copying me now on the tee, thanks to you,
2, you’ve added the yards, club-used, and even a shot-tracer? That’s impressive!!
3, your tee-shot on the 14th? Phewwww!
That was mental!!…lol
4, here’s another tip for your channel,, how about challenging visiting tourists, who follow you on YouTube, to a round????
That’s Gotta be a Game-changer bro??
5, again, LETS-GO!!!!!… peace to you…have a Great Day…..

Luis Gonzalez says:

Great vlog! What camera and video editor do you use for the videos? Also, how do you trace the shots? Thanks! Love your work…

mohd yusri ismail says:

Good game!!

bilzup says:

He gave you 6 shots. How do you give shots in Match Play?

Art Nirut says:


Daniel Kwek says:

Great game guys. I'm a subscriber of both channels and I just got back to Melbourne, australia after a 5 days golf trip in bangkok. The next time I come, I hope I could tee up with both of you!!!

HomeSweetBox says:

Would love to play with you guys!

Donnie K says:

Great collab. gentlemen. Very enjoyable videos.

yew siok kuan says:

golf, who's holding the camcorder when you're putting? seems very stable.

Max Heithmar says:

you guys need to collab more often

Gary Rae says:

Matt sent me here,and very enjoyable it was too! New sub for you GES..

CrushOfSiel says:

This is so strange not hearing the English butler sounding robot between Matt's shots.

okatoyi says:

Golf how tall are you. You seem to be same size as me but you generate so much power. Could only dream to have your distance

Steven Reinhart says:

5:00 what the fuck

Tommo says:

Waddaplaya! New sub 👍

Kevin Michael X says:

Nice video! Thanks to Matt for directing me here.

poktangju says:

can watch you play golf all day…good luck on the tournament

Tony Middlehurst says:

Lovely course.

Golf stuff says:

Glad you guys were able to get together!

Zerofucksgiven Bitch says:

Anyone else chuckle when he said this guy was a 5 handicapper? The way he was hitting, I thought he was on at least 14, a handicap of 5 shouldn’t need strokes.

Noppakhun Petmark says:

Better swing for Matt .

kar wye ng says:

More please. ^_^ Very entertaining.

Rich Hinton says:

If you need someone to tee it up and fan it to the right, matt has that shot down.

Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri says:

Nice wedge play.. Beautiful course..

ณัฐภัทร สุเกตุ says:


Bryan says:

Golf you're an awesome player… good luck and I hope you make the tour and give em a run for their money!!!

Michael Ticehurst says:

Great ball striking Golf….It's great to watch…Quality video. Matt seems to hit a good ball too, however, he needs to bone-up his short game (including bunkers) – Good job to you both!!

MATTI Helenius says:

Awesome Vid again my friend. I was waitin' new vids from you! Great to see you playin' again.. Ur always so calm! just a suggestion, in future, could u write the "part 2" also on the title? I just noticed halfway the video when you told it's part 2 LOL. Great play by SideKick also! Enjoyable golf guys.

Severin Bücherl says:

Your videos seem very golfholics-inspired. Good job!

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