Can I Break Par? | Part 2 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii

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In today’s video I play one of the most difficult courses in the world! This course is located on the island of Oahu right along the Ko’olau Range. My goal is to break par at this treacherous Jurassic Park looking course. This is the back 9 and part 2 of a 2 part series from this course. Hope y’all enjoy!!

Thank you so much Ryan for the Epic drone footage!



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Zac Radford says:

This was hands down the craziest course I've ever played!

JayminFilms says:

This is my new dream course after your amazing video

Shady Kings Entertainment says:

Ryan makes the video

GENO says:

Beautiful course but the fairways and greens looked shaggy. It seemed your ball was sitting down in the grass even in the middle of the fairway. Was it like that or was it just the camera angle? Enjoyed this video and the folks who played the round with you.

O H says:

New to the channel. What a great couple of videos mate. Course looked crazy

Michael Jaks says:

Great vibe! It looked like the group was really having fun, enjoying the game. Feeding off the positivity. Keep the content coming!

TRIKushbeachside says:

Is this a public course? I’m planning on moving to Oahu at the end of the summer. Looked like a pretty epic time 🤙🏾

Brad Gingerich says:

Awesome video!!! This was so much fun to watch!

Banana Bonanza says:

The King with the Sting!!

joshua giardino says:

Probably the best golf vid I’ve seen, and I see ALOT! Great content

Shaggy Golf says:

I can't believe you went for that drive on 18. Lol

UFBear15 says:

This is my favorite vids and course looking back on the year, especially with the scenery and the fact that you can see the ball flights because of it on video. Just everything great about this course aesthetically…

James Bauer says:

for such a nice course the greens are pretty shitty.

Keith Bailey says:

Ryan was cracking me up! "Club twirl…" Ryan proceeds to throw/twirl the club LOL

55542716 says:

Can you imagine this video in 4K??

Tristan Daywalt says:

Greatest course I think I’ve seen outside of PGA. Terrible green though lol

Austin Schroeder says:

that intro was too nice

Aaron Lang says:

Damn, I spent 5 1/2 hrs running up and down that valley at a Spartan race. Would have rather been on that golf course. Such an amazing place. Didn't even know it was there. Another course with similar views in Kananaskis in Alberta Canada.

Drew Deters says:

What a great video. Loved watching you take on that course. Also, that shot on the edge of the cup with shallow DOF, brilliant.

ORIGINAL Junglist says:

those fairways are tighter than a gnats chuff

Kevin F says:

1st time watching your channel. Thumbs up! Have you played Quivera in Cabo?

Markle Pollo says:

Your video just showed up on my feed. Who are you? How do you hit such long shots at damp sea level, major humidity, with no roll?? Your contact with the ball is amazing, considering how wet the course is. Were you on tour? Mad skills dude!

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