Can I Break Par At Inverness Country Club? | Part 1 Golfing In Birmingham

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Today’s video I will be playing the front 9 at Inverness Country Club in Birmingham, Alabama! This will be part 1 of 2 of the full 18 hole golf course vlog. I spent a bit more time on the edit and have implemented the Shot Tracer on several shots! My golf swing is feeling good and hoping to post a good number on this front 9 to give me a chance to post a low number on this vlog! Hope y’all enjoy!!

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Zac Radford says:

Where should I film this summer?!

Steven Jones says:

Your some player

The Crusher says:

Pinslam is the name of my new grunge band👍 Great vid Zac, and how cool to see you play Inverness! Can’t wait for the back nine. Would still like to hear you comment on your swing.

Elijah J. says:

new to the channel….. just looking for some back story? where did you play in college? any big wins? ever try to go pro?

love the watch. #golow and #pinslam


If you're ever in Knoxville Tennessee hit me up. Tons of great courses around here.

E Spears says:

Come to Oregon,Brandon Dunes golf complex 🔥🔥🔥

William Jellison says:

you are a really good player i really enjoy watching you video's. I have been kicking around an idea , I'm 59 years old with a 16.7 handicap I was thinking about starting a video series and maybe naming it (am I too old to get better) and really try to start practicing again and show my progress on YouTube do you think some people may be interested in that

Dylan Geller says:

that intro tho👌

Brandon Haddock says:

190 yard 7 iron? Ok Tiger

SandStorm XII says:

tiger woods

Dj Shepherd says:

Only suggestion I have is don’t say “D rod” anymore please 😂 loved the vid

Elliott O says:

Bro you need to change ur intro its wierd af

Brayden Helms says:

I play there so times it is a very hard course Greene are very fast

Felix Cookson says:

What tracer do you use

Raph Ivanac says:

It sometimes looks like your in front of a green screen

Kanye Twitty says:

Y’all he really did drive it 350 on the second hole pro average is like 315😬

G Dog Cooper says:

Oh and me and my friend live on the course can we do a challenge with u

TJ Bise says:

Head to myrtle beach play that replica course….I think it’s called World Tour? Maybe been a while but it has a lot of replica holes from all over like 17 @ sawgrass and amen corner be a cool video for sure

John MangO says:

dude your swing is unreal.

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