Can I Break My Record From The Front Tees? | Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

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In today’s video I will be trying to break my record from the front tees at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club. This will be the front 9 and Part 1 of 2 for this series. Let’s let the birdies fly and take it low! Hope y’all enjoy!!

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Zac Radford says:

What is the coldest temperature you will play golf in?

Eric Chambless says:

I'm in California, what is 40 degrees?

Gavan Calvert says:

I've played in 25 – 30 degree weather. It snowing one time and I shot 80 in the snow. There was about 7 inches of snow.

Nathan Beier says:

Well I live in south florida so people start complaining about being cold when it is in the 60's. I have played in 30's when I lived in Nebraska.

Alexander Bartels says:

40 Degrees 🤷‍♂️

Bryan August says:

ived played in 33 degree with feel of lower 20s never again haha

Harry Mitchell says:

Above 45 for me

Harry Mitchell says:

I'm 20 miles east of Lebanon

Elnora Wooten says:

That has got to be one of the toughest first holes ive seen. My home club opens up with a dainty little par 5. Its a great way to get the round flowing.

Gavin Arruda says:

35 degrees. Love the vids

Bryan King says:

Great point getting used to scoring under par. I always get the knee knocks when I’ve got a birdie attempt lol.

Chris Barker says:

Played a few times at my
home course In WA. State in the snow with temporary holes. Was probably 20-30degrees haha

Lukas van Staden says:

Loving the pin slams, but common Zac, where's a camera drop?

John Bailey says:

34-32 degrees from me. Really makes u hit irons flush or you’re feeling it.

Andy Bell says:

By myself… 45

With friends… who cares

Aaron Conner says:

Love the video as always brother. Can’t wait to see you go low in part 2!!

sa vegan says:

I Hate you when you hit those stingers :). can't do it man. how can you ply this much golf? no wife ,no kids ? or even a dog ?

Adam Catalanotti says:

I'm in Massachusetts and will play in any weather. Would love to play with you sometime. Wanna try to plan something?

Brian Fulbright says:

Check your Instagram inbox…

Knalledge says:

Zac, what is the handicap for the first hole? Insanely difficult for an opening hole!

Joe Wilkes says:

Good to be home mate ? Hawaii did look nice , I like the way you make these vlogs discussing course management , I think a lot of people watch you guys that play off scratch to see how you manage your way around , great stuff , those young fellas you play with sometimes are wrecking your shit mate ,keep doin your thing 👍🏻

Jack Hansen says:

Played in 33 degrees with a nice wind. Escaped with an 86

Connor Tate says:

check out my course vlogs! Im new to youtube, 2 weeks fresh!

Brian Rizza says:

Here 10 months temp is 85-90 the other 2 months it's 95-100 cold weather is not a problem 😂😂😂

adam gray says:

Going to be upper 30's here on Friday,snow has melted. I'm going to go slop around for sure. I'll play any condition if the course is open.

Val Gray says:

I played at 35 degrees once. It was too cold to be fun. Ball felt like a stone and the wind cut right through you. But above that, I'm game.

William Jellison says:

good job now you have to lite it up on the back eagles and birds!!!

Gam3r 3723 says:

Have a great day everyone! John 3: 16 😁😎👍

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