Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation HAZARD GOLFING AGAIN w/Nova, SSoH, Slyfox & Spoon #5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


war1631 says:


Yobani Arroyo says:

yea he does :P (:

Yobani Arroyo says:

yes he does! look at this 99,964

homeslice011 says:

no but i can flag it and dislike it 😀

Killykatskittykats says:

Yellow jacket is my high school’s mascot :p

kaygirl1234ful says:

SO how about u suck my dick lol

Shevass123 says:

Yellow jacket is a team in backbreaker vengeance

TheStrawberryTimes says:

yellow jackets are a basket ball team

SneakingQuill77 says:

bet ur comment got flagged as a spam :p

Storm CalleyRules says:

Left Click Video
Hit stop download

Articwolf527 says:

“I hope you get herpes on your herpes…” ~SlyFoxHound

MyMexican100 says:

also yellowjacket is thename of twisted metal video game enemy car!

Foodfoodfood3x says:

Nova knows how to have fun

omachowcannon says:

i can dislike it though

MrExPFTWz says:


runescapecyber says:

5:50 made me lol so much

XcSNIPERcX says:

*Nova shoots seamus* LOOK OUT SEAMUS! *Seamus turns around* all u hear is “Oh thanks for covering my back” LMAO XD

forgotenassassin says:

haha sly potat0 and YELLOWJACKET300 is my friends from school lol

Greyson Esquibel says:

Add me on xbox live. “THEREALSLMSHDY”

VivaVistaMac1 says:

Your sister is so cute!

thatCalligirl says:

Damn! her sister has more motivation than I ever will!

76rsablan says:

The BF is cute but he NEEDS to wear his seatbelt!! 🙂 enjoy the vids.. Thanks for sharing :)

Aaamaziing says:

vw! <3

caliheartsbeauty says:

I love watching you and your boyfriend, soo cuute.

soupbigga says:

My boyfriend calls me guuuurl all the time too! Hahaha Funny boys..

lovestorock5 says:

your sister makes videos?

does she have a channel.?

nennu1992 says:

LOL is your boyfriend Arabic? Or Eastern European? Beause he looks like those kind of people!

0letlovebleedred says:

Your sister is so cute, I bet she will have her own bakery one day:)

1ccreyes says:

Your sister is adorable<3

TheTiff2010 says:

When you were singing and he starred at you blankly…Hahaha! I love Carrie Underwood!

xoTaraNicole says:

THERE’S NO AIRBAGS IN THIS CAR???! *puts seatbelt on*….LMAO!

kaseyheartsyouxo says:

@ciaoobelllaxo what is the brand of the shirt? xoxo 🙂

Sassymcxd says:

Your little sister is soo cute

fslgbfd08 says:

that dog is adorable

702rock13 says:

can u make a hair tutorial of your hair in this video pls?

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