Buying guide, What is the Best Golf Glove by Mark Crossfield

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Ronald Schulz says:

Hi Mark. Saw you wearing two gloves. Why not wear two gloves always if it suits? Is it just custom or is there a sound golfing reason? When driving and using full swing shots or playing in the rain two gloves that are high quality seems fine.

BADD1ONE says:

cold wever lever glub?

BADD1ONE says:

cold wever glub?

manny man says:

hirzl golf gloves,best gloves by a mile. especially if you like to practice, hard wearing, comfy,

Antoine Steeghs says:

Play for 20 years without golve. Except when it rains than raingloves

Gerardo V. says:

What size glove did you try on first?

ThisLadWayne says:

show us your trophy cabinet

TommyPauker says:

Ever tried Hirzl gloves? Made with kangoroo leather, they are great if dry or wet.

T. White says:

4:40 Bingo! One set of gloves for practice and one set for play. Rotate the practice golf out of play when it gets bad and slide a new one in to play and the old play glove goes to practice.

How do you like to store your gloves? I put them back in the original packaging, but I'm not sure if that's the best way.

gbvoul says:

any glove that is cabretta leather. or peccary leather if you can find it. maruman made one for a while. was expensive though.

Jason Purk says:

The Bionic Golf Gloves are truly amazing I think. The "Stable Grip" Glove is the one I wear. Just go on their website and read the science behind their designs. This glove is definitely the most durable I've ever bought and it helps with arthritic conditions as well.

alan moore says:

Always used to wear leather but hot and sticky summers here make them wet & nasty, Weathersofts not so much of a problem with that.

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