Better Ball Striking with Cameron McCormick | Brodie Smith Golf

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Learn to hit like the pros in this golf lesson.
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Brodie Smith Golf says:

Back with another Golf Lesson! LIKE this video if you want my first course vlog!

Knot 30 says:

Stop posting golf and post Kelsey

GamingHighlightsDaily says:

brody do a golf 18 holes vlog

ThePokemanGuy says:

Just a tip, try to start entering smaller tournaments as they will allow you to feel the pressure and adapt now as opposed to once you are at a higher level, by then, you will already be at a good mental level to really propel your play

Alexa Hologounis says:

i loved this please follow my twitter teamhka

Champ Vj says:

so brodie n kelsey has been changed to brodie smith golf? haha kelsey wouldnt b liking dat

Porca GameBattles says:

More golf videos

Sandon Schultz says:

Golf videos all the way!

Kevin Johnson says:

Enjoying the golf videos! I’d love to see more of the flight path/shot tracker. Just watching you hit from the side doesn’t give the entire picture.

kelly zoethout says:

Always staying busy! Keep up the entertaining content, Brodie! Feel free to pin this comment, I've only been a sub of yours for 4 years now 😉

Gunnar Erickson says:

More vids with kelsey

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